[APP][Pro] smpl products - Battery powered e-ink display

Received mine yesterday. Works pretty well.
What i’m missing ist extra symbols. Any idea to add own symbols? Like a door, a window or a shutter?

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Great that you are happy with your new display.
It is not possible to add extra icons or other graphic elements.

Zigbee (or any other low power wireless protocol) has very low bandwith and is therefore not suitable for broadcasting graphics.

This is why graphics is hardcoded in the firmware and is part of the data request from Homey. The only way to add anything is via a firmware update which also has to be supported in the Homey app.

Currently Homey doesn’t support OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates. So in principle it is not possible to update the firmware on our display. We have though included a micro-usb on the board which could connect to a computer for updating. This requires disassembling the device (opening the enclosure) and is only for potential critical issues.

does it work on homey 2023 already? I cannot pair it to homey, just hangs and time outs?

Thanks for the answer.

I have a problem that display is not showing correcly in landscape mode, see picture.
Any idea how i can fix this? Changing screen definition for symbols dont fix the problem.

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There is nothing wrong with your display. It is working as planned.

All graphics (icons, fonts, sizes) and their relative positions are hard coded in the firmware on our display. This is the only way to make a display work using low power and low bandwith wireless protocols such as Zigbee.

No graphics are broadcasted from Homey to the display. Only commands what on-board graphics to show and the position.

Data is divided into three different categories: numeric (numbers), boolean (yes/no) and enumeric (text).

Only numbers have a unit attached to the value. Both boolean and enumeric are pure text values.

Due to space restrictions, it was decided from a design perspective to disregard from showing the icon for boolean and enumeric values in landscape, to make room for more text and in a bigger font size.

I might very well have been a wrong decision.
It also seems like the values (‘ZU’) in landscape is placed slightly too high from the description (‘garage’ and ‘kloofenster’).

Both issues are something we will consider for a future firmware update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
And I hope you are still happy with your new display.

Are there plans for OTA updates via Homey? Like is it being prepared or does Athom don’t have plans yet to support this.

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The Homey 2023 firmware is still experimental and not fully developed. The Zigbee firmware on H23 does not support pairing with the smpl mini display yet.

We will keep testing and will communicate when it is supported.

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OTA is in theory possible with the Zigbee firmware but no-one has implemented it. So maybe it isn’t, and thats a big guess.

OTA over Zigbee is a technology that isn’t efficient because of the bandwidth and there are better alternatives developed over the years.

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works well on HA zigbee2mqtt, it takes 15 min but is ok and not an issue when it is stable . perfect for tuya devices.

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Upgraded to Homey Pro 2023 yesterday and the smpl display does no longer work even if it says compatible with the new Homey Pro. First tried to repair, than a complete reinstall of smpl app, but could not get it to pair. Homey Pro 2023 are shipping in big numbers now, so I hope this issue will be fixed soon.