[APP][Pro] smpl products - Battery powered e-ink display

I created a new test release (v2.1.18):

  • [bugfix] solved conflicted styles from the Homey v8.1.x release
  • [bugfix] cannot change route in Chrome (replaceState)
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Just received my order . Wauw it’s great and easy to implement . Just missing the solar panel icon :wink:

First setup for a display was within 4 minutes , including the unboxing time .

Can’t wait for the smpl+ version with touch on the 4 icons so I can make it show states from my alarm and switch it from on and off , put me on the preorder for that one straight away .

But for now , it works great . Easy to implement and good and clear view from every angle.

This product is a winner. !!!


yeah, very nice. no need to open the solaredge / homey app anymore.


Very nice these examples and first impressions. I’m still in doubt because of the price on one hand and the offered functionality and the will to support this initiative on the other hand. :thinking:

A question, how fast does the display switch to an other layout? So for instance when I have a button near to it, and on button press I let the display rotate between a couple of layouts? I saw a video-review where this took around half a minute?


The smpl mini display works with a minute-to-minute update interval so when setting another display layout it updates within max 1 minute.

@Nitramevo , is it possible to add an action (then) card or option to force a display update, so it is possible to switch to other layout immediately?

So for instance on button press, load new layout, update screen.

I had a weird issue where I changed language on my homey and totally freeze smpl display. so I had redo the template with the new locale names but still this did not work.

then I had to remove the device and add it again. After this it works again.

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this works good

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Nice :slight_smile:
Is Rum2 your sauna? :sweat_smile:

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Really nice, how did you manage infarten?

No, its the heatertank for heating the house, have to do a variable with a nice name so it looks better

infarten is just the name of the “room”.
But its the battery on my Renault Zoe, and that is doen with this app

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It is a difficult wish to comply with if we have to maintain the battery life at the same time.
If it is to be possible from Homey to ‘force’ an update, this means that the device must constantly ‘listen’ and it uses too much power/we cannot use the power-saving features in the various components (Zigbee chip and e-ink screen).
One option could be to offer a ‘hack’ where the update frequency could be further reduced. We currently have set a maximum of 1 minute. This would reduce the estimated battery life from 3-4 months to less than 14 days (eg every 5 seconds) or to just a few days (eg every second).
However, you have the option of pressing the back button to get a ‘forced request’.

Thx for taking the time to respond to my question. I didn’t realize the display is in control in when it is able to receive an update from homey. I understand the dilemma between update rate and battery live. 2 weeks is no option I understand that.

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