[APP][Pro] smpl products - Battery powered e-ink display

Please check if your display fw version up-to-date?
see guide in the online manual:
If your order number > 2922 (sept 2023), then you have the latest firmware/Zigbee stack.

Yeah, order nr is 3700+ so that should not be the issue. Have tried many things. Restart system remove battery added other ZigBee devices ++. But I have not been able to detect the device. :confused:

Contact support via the webpage and use the mandatory support form.

I also have one display that was working perfectly and can no longer pair it. I also tried using Ikea devices and does not work. Can someone confirm if the issue will be fixed after the update that is currently in experimental?

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1/ Make sure to have the latest firmware/zigbee stack update on your smpl mini display (all information is available in the online manual)
2/ Install the latest experimental Homey Pro 2023 firmware
3/ Make sure you have at least one Zigbee router device close to your Homey Pro 2023 to have smpl connect via this device and bot directly to Homey Pro

Then you should be just fine🙏🏻

Why do I need a zigbee router?
The smpl display was designed for Homey, so it should also work with Homey, without other intermediate hardware…
So Homey’s beta firmware isn’t ready yet…


I don’t know. It just happens to be helpful for some users with problems.

Having said this, it is always recommended to build a strong and reliable Zigbee mesh with a good router/enddevice ratio.

Ps! smpl mini display is developed for Homey Pro following Zigbee 3.0 standards.

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Firmware v11.1.0 out, did no difference for me. Still not able to connect my displays. Now i am really tiered of this and will throw them away. Crappy homey and smpl!

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