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It stopped working for me. When i go to the smappe integration and “repair”, the client id and secret are empty. Trying to login responds with invalid login and forwards me to app1pub.smappee.net to grant permission, which is already done. I tryed to temporary remove permission, but this ends up in an internal server error at smappee:

URI:	/dev/v3/oauth2/auth
MESSAGE:	Server Error
SERVLET:	org.apache.felix.http.base.internal.dispatch.DispatcherServlet-42f0defa
CAUSED BY:	javax.servlet.ServletException: org.glassfish.jersey.server.ContainerException: org.apache.oltu.oauth2.common.exception.OAuthSystemException: No locations were specified
CAUSED BY:	org.glassfish.jersey.server.ContainerException: org.apache.oltu.oauth2.common.exception.OAuthSystemException: No locations were specified
CAUSED BY:	org.apache.oltu.oauth2.common.exception.OAuthSystemException: No locations were specified

I guuess, there is a problem at the smappee server

Hi Michael,

Yes, this is/was a problem at Smappee.

– Edwin

Hi Edwin,

I love the app. When it works, it really delivers some automation I was expecting from Smappee natively.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the app working anymore. Here is the issue I have at the authentication stage.

Can you help with this?


Hi there,

Are you absolutely sure you entered all the credentials correctly?

– Edwin


I’ve entered them the same way I did before and it was working…

Should I ask Smappee support to check my credentials?


Hi, I’m trying to add another EV Wall charger to the Homey Pro.
After selecting the brand Smappee I’m getting an error saying “Missing parameters: client_secret client_id”
Where and how to I fix that?

That is weird. When I added 1 EV wall, you shouldn’t have to login again when you add a second charger.
It should use the same credentials.

Can you try to delete your device(s), re-install the app, and try to add them again?

– Edwin

All fixed - Due to the awesome creator :smiley:

I have an Smappee Plus - Love that thing!!
*But @evdpol I can’t figure out how to add this to Homey? *

I have recieved API credentials, and I go through all into Smappe longin and choose my home - but no matter what unit I have chosen, it returns “no new units found”.

Is this lack of support for Smappee Plus?
Is there anyway this can be included in Homey?

*I would REALLY appreciate your support (or others) on this… *
*And I’d happyli give you my login credentials *

Kind regards
Dennis B

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“Why is my power negative” in your FAQ doesn’t give me a solution. My power is always negative with my Smappee Connect also at night. I have other power reporting devices and they report the same values but positive as is correct . Are you familiar with this behaviour?

Does it show something different in your Smappee app?

With very little information, I’m thinking if your Smappee is set up correctly in the first place?

The effect is shown as negative when you use more power that you generate.

Works perfectly here. Values in smappee app follows the values in Homey exactly.

Add more info to get more help

Sorry I didn’t mention. Yes in the Smappee app and web dashboard positive values are shown. I’m using the same Smappee setup for over a year already and all values are (still) correct. As said the FAQ already states to take in account solar production. As an installer I’m familiar with that.
However in Homey since installation about a month ago positive ‘power’ and ‘consumption’ both noted in Watts are inverted, negative values (during day with solar production) are correct . ‘sleep consumption’ is displayed quite correctly (just as poorly as within Smappee dashboard itself.) Re-initialisation, installation and maintenance attempts do not fix the problem.


I connected my Smappee EV, and have the same issue as Thierry. The measurement of the EV wall is incorrect. do you have a solution for this?