[APP][PRO] Renault Z.E

I found the problem. Thanks for your feedback. Api response changed and i updated the app to reflect those changes.
Basically the app was not able to understand car position and for this reason “Car is at home” was never updated. Now it should work.

Can you please update test version with the new one (same url) and try back again?

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hi @Oreste_Dimaggio ,

I updated my app, restarted my homey and moved my car.

The location indicator is not up to date. :

The rest looks ok.

Here is a diag report if that helps


Please try this version and tell me it has been solved

It’s the same

Hi, I just started using this app. It works (only not with the location showing as “Home”) for displaying all settings.
Now I want to stop the car charging when it reaches 90%, but when I activate the stop charging option in a flow I receive the following message:

if it helps, I don’t have any data here either:

Can someone help? I cant connect my Dacia spring
Homey say everytime
No device found.
My Dacia App ist working

Would tou be willing to add hybrid Renaults as well, @Oreste_Dimaggio?