[APP][PRO] Renault Z.E

In Germany
My car ist registered in my Dacia App
The my Dacia App is showing my car.
But homey dont find it

Thx for your answer

This come If i try to Connect

Thanks for the good work

It seems to work fine for me


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Is the current version also on GitHub?
And maybe its a nice idea to make the actual charging power as a power_meter, so it shows in energy and insights. :+1:

Hi @Oreste_Dimaggio

I have some problem with the location and is vehicle home, those my location updated 2 days ago and is vehicle home 8 days ago.
When i look in my renault app it knows that the car is at home.
And for what i can see, other values are correct.

Would it be possible make a then card that triggers an update so I could get the right location?


Can you please try restarting your app? I’m getting updates on “at home” / “not at home” within 6/7 minutes so i presume that your app crashed for some reason.

Let me know,

No, sorry

Ive restarted the app and also the hole homey.
everything about location seems broken, everything else works, battery information, starting the heating.

Do you want a diagnostic report?


Même problème pour moi

Sure let’s start with a diagnostic report.

I’ll try to diagnose that

Here is the code

Good morning,

could you tell me if the problem is solved?

Hello everyone,

@Jonathan_Cohen is no longer part of this forum?

Yes, @Oreste_Dimaggio now maintains this app i think.

Couldnt find it. Would be nice to add the energy. Especially when charging at home.

And location doesnt work for my z.e. also…

Matthieu and Janrikard,

I think i fixed location problem on Renault Zoe
Please test this version and report back if everything works.
If is still not working, please send me a diagnostic report.

Thank you!

Source code is on github:


Feel free to send me a patch to the current version and i’ll integrate it.


hello, I just updated my version with the test version.
No change regarding geolocation, perhaps the vehicle has moved?
To clarify, it’s a Mégane

Matthieu, I got your diagnostic report. Thanks.
Matthieu it seems the device id is not found.
Please remove and add again the device in homey.
It should work. Please let me know



So I deleted the vehicle, deleted the application, and restarted Homey.
And now:

Rapport : cf21db69-6ba2-433f-9f9a-50c61e128995

But let’s wait maybe tomorrow, the Renault application doesn’t seem to be in great shape either

Yes It seems you reached api rate limit as mentioned in the diagnostic report.

Check tomorrow and let me know please!

So while we wait a bit…