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Quatt - Know when your Quatt heatpump is heating your house

Quatt Heatpump

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Read sensor values from your Quatt Commander-in-Chief and act on changes. Note that nothing can be changed in the Quatt heatpump, as this is unsupported by Quatt.

Current features:

  • Fetch Quatt Commander-in-Chief data

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

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Planned features:

  • Flow cards for changing values


  1. Placeholder


  • 0.1.0: initial version
  • 0.1.1 updated readme and images

Hi Trietsch in the Quatt app you can add your energy price and gas price, now I have dynamic pricing and not fixed. Would it be possible to change the price for gas and electricity by this homey app on a hourly base?

Hi, nope that’s not possible, as I’d have to reverse engineer the app API, whereas this Homey app focuses on the local data feed.
Also, I doubt that Quart actually supports dynamic prices, since this requires keeping prices at multiple points in time.

Btw, there also is a Dutch topic for Quatt:)

I can’t add my Quatt.