[APP][Pro] Luxtronik-based Heatpumps

Recently I have created an Homey app for Luxtronik based heat pumps.


This app allows you to connect a luxtronik basic heat pump via TCP to Homey. A few basic functions are already available, but feel free to request new features or open a pull-request.

Most notably, this app allows you to connect heatpumps from

  • Alpha Innotec
  • Roth
  • Elco
  • Buderus
  • Nibe
  • Wolf Heiztechnik
  • Novelan

It currently supports reading loads of parameters. I am trying to get writing working reliably and consistently.

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Hi @RobinF

I just got my Alpha-Innotec and i tried your app.

It would be really nice in the future it it would be possible to change values, i pay my electric bill by the hour so i would relly like to be able to let the machen work alittle bit more when its cheap, but thats the future.

But i would really be happy if you would help me to get i value från the luxtronic that i need and i cant find in the app.
In swedish its “Retur-extern”, so in english it should be something like “heating return external”

I Is it possible to get that value?



looked at some other sourecode for luxtronic api for linux or something and found this
‘temperature_extern_return’: (heatpumpVisibility[24] === 1) ? heatpumpValues[13] / 10 : ‘no’, // #18
thats probably the value i want.

this is where i found it


Hey Robin,

I just found out yesterday that there is an app for the Alpha Innotec heatpump. Thanks for that!

I am wondering how it is possible that the “Huidig vermogen” value is 4000W+, while my Homewizard only records like 900W in total. Checked my solar panels, but its not even near levelling that gap.

It just seems to be “off” by like 400% on average.

And it does not show up on the build-in Homey Energy monitor. Is this because of the way data is extracted? Would be great if that could be fixed!

@janrikard, i hope to include setting values as well. See also the issue i made for this: Evaluate allow for writing values · Issue #6 · RobinFlikkema/homey-luxtronik · GitHub

However, as of now, i still have some challenges to even get all values to read properly. This is why I haven’t even started on this. Also, personally I don’t know which values I would want to change myself, but I could see target temperatures etc for example.

As far as the return temperature, in Calculations (instead of visibilities) there’s also value 13 containing “rucklauf” “ext”. I think this will result in the same value.
Ill at least have a look myself, as adding calculation 13 shouldn’t be that big of an issue. Therefore, i created this item to make sure I dont forget: Add reading of "Return Temperature External" · Issue #25 · RobinFlikkema/homey-luxtronik · GitHub

@Ronald_N ; Currently the “huidig vermogen”/Current Power, is the same value as the heatpump shows in the webinterface.
I have tried to clarify other values in the app as “heating energy” to clarify that I don’t mean input electrical energy.
This 400% would then be a CoP of ~4.

As far as input energy goes, this is still on my to-do; However I still don’t have any clue how the values work. As the values on the heatpump screen, heatpump webinterface, API/TCP-socket and heatpump24 are all different…



I belive the communication is via websocket, somthing ive never programed.

But if theres something i could help you with just let me know.

I havent found any documentation about this for luxtronik, do you have any?
If you dont you could maybe make a flowcard that shows all you can get out from luxtronik in a jason-string or any format thats easy for you, then i could help try to figer out what is what from my system.


Thanks for the reply. Now i get it. Tho i really think that value is calculated by the power input on their side. Strange they use this “relative output” for some reason.

Still this could become quite a powerfull app if you could figure it out! :+1:t3: thanks for the good work!

The main issue is that there’s next to no documentation :smiley:

I haven’t even considered the suggestion for the flow card; I mostly use Python to dump all values to a text file, but this is way more accessible if possible.

Nonetheless, in version 1.0.6 of the Homey App, Heating Return External and Heating Return Calculated have been added. I have just now submitted this version to Homey, so hopefully after the weekend they get to reviewing my changes and releasing this for everyone.

@Ronald_N, I personally think so too, but I can’t find anything yet.
I tried comparing all the values but it just didn’t make sense.

Heating Return External Is showing correct value, thanks a lot


Hi Robin,
I stumbled upon your Luxtronik-based heatpump app looking for a way to add a Wolf CHA heatpump. Do you meadn by 'Luxtronik-based ’ that the app works with the Luxtronik hardware from Alpha Innotec when connected to the WOLF?
Or is using Wolf Luxtronik software and API in there LON-interfacemodule LinkHome (ISM7i)?

Hi, learning from the HA integration on luxtronik/README.md at 8735f7affd7020c468cc95321e66c25bc5bc3fb8 · BenPru/luxtronik · GitHub

It’s not always clear from the name alone what an entity exactly means and how it effects your heatpump. The main source of information is ofcourse the Luxtronik Operating Manual

Another great source is FHEM - Luxtronik 2.0. It’s in German so use Google Translate.
It contains details about the various parameters and how to use them to optimize your heatpump efficiency. Read carfully though. Make small incremental changes and monitor your progress in Home Assistant. You don’t want to miss out on this information.

and furtehron in the readmy under service

In order to change parameters on the Luxtronik conroller, you can use the following service:

Domain: luxtronik2 Service: write Service Data: {"parameter": "ID_Ba_Hz_akt", "value": "Automatic"}

* parameter
  * description: ID of the parameter.
  * type: string
* value
  * description: Value you want to set the parameter to.
  * type: [string, float]

Hi Keesjan_Deelstra,

I tested the app with multiple manufacturers, but for Wolf for example, I assumed it will work similar. As other integrations (for example Home Assistant ↔ Luxtronik) work also for them all using the same way of getting data.
tldr: It should work with all Luxtronik 2 based controllers.

I did found both resources you linked, You can also find a few more repo’s linked in the one you linked. However, the most time taking part is making sure all values are correct; For most I fully understand, I tried reporting them back to other repositories.

Hi Robin, thanks for your reply. hope then you find some time to also get the ‘set paramaters’ in, not only as now the ‘get paramaters’'.

Another way of controlling the headpump is via Evohome. with Honeywell Evohome BDR91T1004 module wirelss off/on . I ussume not thet expanded control as with the Luxtronic 2,? Any experience?
(Background: I now have a full evohome system and headpump Wolf is coming in this spring with ‘buffer’ and want to feed the buffer with extra hot water, when the PV is giving back to the grid. (or future: prices are low or negative)