Reading data from Luxtronik-Webserver (heatpump)

I’ve already posted that request in the German forum but think I get a wider audience here

Now that I have familiarized myself a little bit with Homey, I would like to realize the following:
I have a Novelan heat pump that runs a web server. This server provides a Java web interface (Luxtronik), on which various data is displayed (e.g. temperatures, pressures etc.) and also certain parameters can be set (e.g. flow temperature, heating curve, heating/cooling mode).

I would like to see some of the data in Homey, e.g. as virtual temperature sensors, and would like to change settings.
Is there already an app that can be used to read such data?

For Home Assistant there seems to be a solution already:
Here you find some more documentation:

screenshot of webinterface:

source code:

This could be also interesing for people who have a heatpump from the following manufacturers that use the same controller:

  • Alpha Innotec
  • Siemens Novelan
  • Roth
  • Elco
  • Buderus
  • Nibe (?)
  • Wolf Heiztechnik


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I’m interested in this as well.
With some help I could try it myself, but I don’t know where to start.

I would appriciate this. But I’m afraid I can’t help.
As far as I know, the heatpump`s web server uses the websocket protocol.
An app would have to call and send data from/to the webserver via websockets.
Some information can be found here: Websockets Webinterface (ab FW 3.81) - loxwiki - loxwiki
If we could - together - find a starting point I would like to contribute and test.

Hi there, sorry to be a little late to the game but I would be very interested if there was some progress regarding this topic. I use a Alpha Innotec Heatpump and would love to set the parameter starting by some triggerd flows.

Best regards

I have also same issue any suggestion for this so please reply.

I’m as well interested (Luxtronik 2 - CTA Heat Pump)