Weishaupt integration with Homey

Good morning

I have created a Weishaupt (wemportal) integration into Homey.
For now it is possible to read multiple temperatures from the system but using the flows, temperatures can be set as well.

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:
Source code can be found GitHub - reyntjensw/Homey-Wemportal

Hi there.

I have an older Weishaupt heater. What is needed for it to be able to connect to this/the internet?


I think you need to check if there is a compatible model.
I know that there is also a license fee for using the system.

I would suggest contacting you plumber, he will be able to help you.


I recently installed the app but can’t get it to work. I keep getting this error: (Type error: cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘ModuleIndex’))
I did put my user and pass as needed.
Txs for your help

Hi Luc

What type of system do you have?
Is it a heatpump or a boiler?

Hi. It’s a gas boiler for central heating.
Can you help?

Hi @Luke101

I’m fixing a bug in the system which might cause your issue.
When the new version is present I’ll let you know.

Hi Luke the new version is out, can you please try again?

Hi Wouter,

I have a Weishaupt biblock heatpump and would like to write my own control algorithm to optimise the pumps performance. I have not decided on a platform yet but your work for homey looks very interesting for my purposes :slight_smile:

I can read and write through the WEM portal but do I understand correctly that this integration only allows writing to parameters exposed through the (very limited) Weishaupt app?

Is it also correct that I need at least v5 firmware on my heat pump?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Geert

Thanks for your kind words.
With Weishaupt, the issue is that the api is not public, so you can have a hard time figuring out the api calls. There are other open source projects for Weishaupt where I got my inspiration.

Regarding to the values, you are limited (as far as I know) to the values from the website or the app.
You can try to decode the app and retrieve the api calls from there.

Regarding firmware versions, I am not aware of what the requirements are there.