[APP][Pro] Pushover

Hi @SingKT

Have you tried this:

Get your settings here: Pushover: Simple Notifications for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop
Please restart the app after updating settings.

All the crashes I receive is with missing configuration.
So testing another version will not help you out.

Share your further findings.

Also I can look at your crash report if you link an ID.

Hi @SingKT , I’ve just received your diagnostics report. Your app-key is missing.
But you cannot set it because of error/crash you say.
You should be able to access the configuration after reinstall of app.

I tried several times a reinstall. Restarted Homey before reinstalling, did a PTP before too - no chance to reach the setup

I’m investigating if we can read the settings from HomeyScript (maybe we can set the settings from there as well). I will return to you.

Do you by chance have access to this site: Homey Developer Tools ?

From there, in the menu: App Settings you can try and see the settings - maybe that will work out.

When I get the chance, I am out of town the next week, I will try and release a test-version that does not crash without settings. Hope you are patient.

Can not use homeyscript as pushover has crashed thus not available neither in normal or advanced flow.
In developer mode the settings can‘t be accessed too.

No need to hurry. Thanks

Please visit: Pushover App for Homey | Homey

New version has been approved in the app-store. Pushed for certification. Better handling of UserToken not configured.
Should have fixed your issues.

Updated App to version 1.0.8. Success. It runs and I could open setup.

Thanks for the fast fix.

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Great work!

I wonder about the priority levels. In pushover there are 5 and in this app there is 4. It seems like the highest level is missing. Or am I missing something?

Hi @PerOla_Malmquist

If you visit this page: Pushover: API
Section: Emergency Priority (2)

I think this option is pretty advanced. Using this priority, expire and retry must also be provided. I think this is way too many options for the user to setup - maybe I am mistaken. Also for expire and retry, there are boundary values that needs to be taken into consideration.

I would love to implement this priority, but then you will have to setup the other values as well. I’m looking for some values to set in as default - that would be awesome. Lets say emergency priority is available - but without settings both expire and retry - the app defines these values as default, so the user does not need to provide these parameters. Does this make sense?

Thanks for replying!
I agree on both your points. There is no reason to make it to complicated. Better to leave out the extra fields to fill out. I also think it woild be possible to handle them by some kind of default, or some calculated values when they are needed. I believe that when using the highest priority from a smart home perspective it will always be in a narrow use case. Fire alarm, burglar alarm or something in that level of urgency.

@PerOla_Malmquist provide me with defaults and I will add it :slight_smile:
Your input is the best so far :smiley:


3 days ago, I did a PTP and after this, Pushover stopped working/sending Push messages.

I get this error message: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘name’)”

I got this message also in the past, always, but Pushover was still working normally.

I am on Homey Pro 2023, ver. 10.2.1.

Pushover app Experimental, v1.1.0.

User key and token API key are correct.

Did another PTP, restart of Homey, re-install of the Pushover app, no positive results/still not sending Push messages.

Does anyone have an idee what to do to get it working again?

Hi @Paul, this topic covers the app:

Latest version of this app is v 1.0.8.

The reason is: When I started developing this app, I was not aware of another version available, so made an app and realized after, that an existing app was also available, but only existed in test-app-store.

Hi Kim,

Sorry I missed that there are 2 almost identical Pushover apps.
I installed your app, put all the data in the config part and restarted the app.
I now have the possibility to use it in a flow, but no Push message is received on my phone’s or my PC.

Hi @Paul I’ve just received an 429 errorcode. Please verify both your app token + user key

I guess they are not in-sync. Did you restart the app after changing your token and user key? Important (and once you change them)

Feel free to PM me, so we can dig into your issues, I’m pretty sure we change make this out!

Hi @Kim_Kokholm loving the app, thank you. Any chance you could add some flow cards which allow supplementary URLs to be sent? As per the pushover api docs here: Pushover: API

The use case for me is that using these I can set the url title to be something readable and have the link trigger a webhook to trigger a Homey flow or a deep link into an app on my phone



Hi @Jonathan_Draper

Please try this out. It is not possible in the flow to camouflage the url - if you use long url’s and you use it inline.
The version is pushed for verification at Homey.

Thank you for sharing you intension/usage. Please consider donating if you find the new version useful.
Enjoy your weekend. Feedback are welcome.


Amazing thanks for the very quick turn around time! Will certainly give this a try when I get back home tomorrow and happily donate also.

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