[APP][Pro] Powerview- Luxaflex & Hunter Douglas

ok, then I will try this also.
I don’t have time Today anymore, so will try it Tomorrow.
Thank you for the information.

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Did find a few minutes of time to check.
I created 3 scenes. Each individual scene controls 1 roller blind.
I created an advanced flow triggered on time, but it triggers the blinds not in parallel.
They start moving down slowly with about a second delay.

This is the flow I have created:

@Jos_Stultjens Hmm then it seems it’s really related to the scenes.

And if you add the shades individually and let them go by a percentage via Homey?

@martijnpoppen : Same behavior as via a non-advanced flow.
The speed is quick, but they are triggered with a slight delay. Each screen starts to move down with about a second delay.

In my experience this is normal. Unless Martijn has other experiences. The Powerview Hub sends a signal to each blind but not at the same time.

It seems the sequence they start is the order in which I draw the connectors in the advanced flow.
Maybe the implementation doesn’t allow to start individual screens in parallel.

If only we were able to indicate that a scene should be moving the screens quick or normal(slow) that would be a solution for me. I don’t mind if it is a fixed setting per scene in the Powerview app itself.
If I start a scene that contains the 3 screens, then they start at the same moment. Only issue is that when triggered via a scene, they move really slow.

@martijnpoppen : Do you have connections at Luxaflex. How can we ask for such an enhancement?

@Jos_Stultjens Yes I’ll check with them :slight_smile:

@Jos_Stultjens I forwarded the issue to Hunter Douglas and they will pick it up internally

Thanks, Let’s see if and when they will implement it.



Is this app also working with “ top down bottom up “ ?



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Hey @Dennis_H74
Yes it does!

It will be shown like this:

You can even swap the motors if you want.
So if you would like the first motor to be the top part instead of the down part.

You can set it in the device settings:

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That is helemaal top :+1: :grimacing:

Dag Martijn, wij hebben vandaag onze luxaflex shades gekregen. Ik heb geen powerview hub gekocht omdat ik denk dat de nieuwe Homey pro de shades ook kan aansturen. Is dit werkelijk zo, of moet ik alsnog ook een powerview hub aanschaffen? Ik ben een beetje klaar met alle hubs en bridges om mijn Sonos, Hue lampen etc aan te sturen en ben op zoek naar 1 universele bridge/hub.
Groeten, Miek

Hi @Miek_X1

This is a English thread so i’ll reply to you in English so multiple people can read a long.

Unfortunately you need the hub for the Powerview shades.
Homey connects to the shades via the hub.

Unfortunately theres now way to talk directly to the shades.

Maybe in the future, but that will be new shades so that requires a replacement of the product.

Hope this answers your question

Why does it say that homey replaces existing hubs?

And what protocol does the powerview hub use then?

Because marketeers lie.

They say they replace existing hubs, not ALL hubs. The homey replaces hubs with standard zwave, zigbee, 433mhz and Bluetooth protocol.

PowerView is a proprietary protocol of HunterDouglas/Luxaflex.

Wat is een PowerView® Automation netwerk?

PowerView® is een draadloze radiofrequentiecommunicatietaal (RF) die eigendom is van Luxaflex®. Gelijksoortig aan het wifinetwerk in je woning, verwijst het PowerView® Shade-netwerk naar een uniek PowerView® RF-ID dat communicatie mogelijk maakt tussen alle PowerView®-apparaten die dit unieke RF-ID delen.

Sorry you are a little disappointed in this, but Martijn isn’t to blame for this.

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They don’t say that last part and deliberately confuse users into thinking that all the devices that a regular user calls a “hub” (Hue, PowerView, etc) aren’t needed anymore.

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I totally agree this is confusing. I already requested a feature at Athom to provide a way to show the need of a hub on the app page.

Powerview uses a internal protocol whit RF-ID. Not something we can mimic within Homey.
The protocol from Homey to the Hub is a API connection.

I’m not the one selling Homey :stuck_out_tongue:
But it does replace some hubs yes, but that’s mainly when you look at lighting.

Security systems, Curtains etc are most of the time closed systems which are not to easy.

Only solution would be if the manufacturer creates an integration for it.
But as this is only a community app that won’t happen

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