[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)

When you look at the apps Philips Hue, without the bridge App voor Homey | Homey or Philips Hue, without the bridge App voor Homey | Homey I would say yes, as it is just a Hue lamp. However the icon might not reflect the armature. And if you buy an armature with more than 1 hue lamp, be prepared to switch them individually or program a group.

There is an odd issue on the Homey hue app that whenever a sensor is connected it will drop it connection with Homey.
The sensor would go on its own in pairing mode.

I 've seen this in outdoor sensor but as well in the indoor motion sensor.

What stands out is that the sensors that drop connection are the sensors that are usually connected via a router and not directly connected to Homey. I don’t know if this can be useful information to you. I have to admit though that the connection has been dropped directly after being added and right in front of Homey a couple of times too.

So that observation may not be consistent.

Also especially with the outdoor sensor. It will drop connectivity in matter of minutes after re-adding.

I tried many times to add it , and took the necessary steps via Athom but the sensor keeps going back to pairing mode whenever moment arise of low activity.

These sensors had maintain a connection for years in the passed so they were fully functional until the beginning of this year.

Is there a possibility for you to check if there is any issue on your side of the application?

The sensors I am currently using are SML002 and SML001.

Kind regards.