[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)

Yes, the bridge does this by default, but the reason I use an app called “Hue, without the bridge” is so that I can remove the bridge. The app works great and as advertised but it doesn’t by default let you set a dim duration. I think Johan explained it well.

hi, please take a look at: Problems with Hue Dimmer Switch · Issue #579 · JohanBendz/com.philips.hue.zigbee · GitHub

i think there are more persons affected.

thank you.

Just to share that the Philips Hue Indoor and Outdoor Occupancy Sensors still loose the Zigbee connection after rebooting a Homey Pro 2023 with Homey 10.3.5 and Philips Hue without the bridge app v2.0.51 (not test). Meaning you have to run the repair function and climb the ladder a couple of times with a headlight in the dark, to press the initiation buttons on all your sensors.
The cheapo IKEA occupancy sensors never failed so far.
I presume this has to do with the issue which Homey reports with their v10.3.5 release. I hope they can fix it before my wife trashes the Homey…

Same problem here with the outdoor occupancy sensor.

Same here with HP PRO 2019 (10.0.9) app 2.0.51 working 4-5 days. (SML002)

I had the issue to. Solution for me was to add it through Hue Hub. If that’s an option for you I’d suggest you do that. You don’t lose any functionality, and response time is great and it hasn’t missed a beat for the last 3 months.

You can always add it directly to Homey once the general Zigbee issues have been fixed :slight_smile:

Last reboot my SML004 was ok after one day, without repairing by me.