[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)

All of a sudden my outdoor sensor stop working.
I saw homey made an update regarding fixing the zigbee not finding old routes.

i re-inserted the batteries after an interview in developers tools.
The motion sensor is responding but Lux and temperature sensor has not react yet. Any idea who can do something about this. It has worked perfectly for 2 years already. so its not a compatibility issue.

I’v seen some strange logs recent days, perhaps yours is one of them. Please send me a diagnostic report from the app.

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I dont know how to generate a report. But the last time the temperature sensor updated was 20 days ago en the lux sensor 21 days ago.

The difference in time might be that the repporting stop happening in the early morning causing the lux sensor not the see the light change untill the node went completly offline.

In the mobile app, click more / apps / Philips Hue (Without the bridge) / Gear symbol / Creat Diagnostic Report

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Trying my luck again.
Unfortunately, a few months ago, my Philips outdoor motion sensor went offline. Now when I want to add it back to my Homey i am unable to complete the addition process. After a while of the Device being added screen it ends with this warning: Unable to Connect.
Batteries are not the problem.
Do you have any idea what could be the problem?


I guess this is your problem: (see comment on zigbee issues)

I sent Diagnostic report, did you manage to take a look at the report ?
Kind regards.

Remove the sensor and pair again. Maybe that helps. My SLM004 works fine.

Hi. I’ve just installed “Hue without the bridge” and moved over my lights, and it works great. The only thing I struggle with is when dimming my lights; it just sets the new dim level instantly instead of smoothly dimming up/down to it. Is it possible to fix this? I’ve played around with flows without success.

Use the “Duration” field.


Without even testing that solution, I can’t see how that would work unless I want the dim level to be set statically to 61% regardless of what I change to. I must be able to catch the dim level I change to, and use that as a variable for the “dim to during 1sec”. I have tried that, and it doesn’t work. It instantly sets the new dim level before entering the flow.

I gave you a solution for your question:

And now you refuse to implement this solution because you have another knowledge shortage and don’t know how to set a variable dim level?

How exactly do you set that variable? If you set a dim level in a variable, remember to use a number from 0 to 1,not 0 to 100. 0.1 would be 10%

Having the same issue here. Anyone know how to fix?

I didn’t refuse to implement it, it just doesn’t work. I appreciate you trying to help, but it seems I might have been unclear of the issue. Before when I used the Hue bridge, and changed dim level in Homey or via Homekit, it automatically dimmed smoothly. When I started to use “Hue without the bridge”, it doesn’t smoothly dim to the new level, but instantly jumps to it. The duration field works for flows, and I’ve used it successfully to configure my Hue remotes. In this case, however, when I dim through Homey or Homekit, it seems to send the command to the light before entering the flow, rendering the flow moot. I’m just speculating here, but I think that I must be able to intercept or ignore the command sent from the App to the light, and then have it control the light through the flow instead. Then your solution should work. As I said, that is speculation on my part and please correct me if I’m wrong.

Just show your flow😁, without it is all speculation.
By the way, how would a flow send a command before the flow is running?
We will find out as soon as you show a print screen of your flow.

Hi @pboi, I get what you ask for… a default dim time between states when you use the device outside a flow. I’ll look into it. This is a perfect request to have in Github :slight_smile:

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Exactly, @johan_bendz! Thanks :slight_smile: Did you already register the issue or do you want me to?

hello, for several weeks, my exterior and interior detectors have lost connection with the Homey box. I unpaired and paired again but the problem starts again, I don’t understand the reason. Can you help me please ? THANKS

I think in Hue bridge it is possible to set a default dimming level and duration for a lamp when switched on. It will stil be set that way, when you remove it from the bridge and pair it wit Homey (so without resetting the lamp).