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:world_map: Update 2.1.0

New Test version!


:world_map: New Action Card for Location Tokens with Addresses: We’ve added a new action card designed specifically for location tokens that already contain an address. This enhancement allows for easier and more streamlined location-based automations. Whether you’re setting up a geofence or triggering an action based on a specific location, this new feature makes it simpler than ever. Update your app now to take advantage of this convenient addition and elevate your location-based smart home experiences!


:wrench: Under-the-Hood Enhancements: In this version of MapMyLocation, we’ve made some minor improvements to enhance overall performance and logging for user experience. We’re continuously working behind the scenes to fine-tune the app for the best possible user experience.
Your feedback is invaluable! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, feel free to reach out through our support channels.

:star2: Discover Enhanced Features and Improved Performance! :rocket::world_map:

Upgrade to the latest version of MapMyLocation to enjoy a smoother and more refined user experience. We’ve implemented various improvements under the hood to optimize performance and enhance usability.

With MapMyLocation, effortlessly convert GPS coordinates and addresses into Google Maps location images and route URLs. Whether you’re tracking a journey or setting up location-based automations, MapMyLocation makes it easy to visualize and share locations. Don’t miss out—update today and explore the possibilities!

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:warning: Important Notice: MapMyLocation Utilizes Google Maps Static API for Images!

Please note that MapMyLocation uses the Google Maps Static API to generate location images. To ensure uninterrupted service, you’ll need to create your own API key through the Google Developers Console.

:link: Create your Google Maps Static API key here: Google Maps Static API Key

Once you’ve obtained your API key, simply enter it in the MapMyLocation settings to continue enjoying the app’s features without any interruptions.


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