Traveltime Google Maps

Is there anyone able to suggest how it should or how to make an advanced flow of go-to-work time Google maps? I’d like to show the time to go to work or home as a notification or get a message on whatsapp.

A little search does the trick, you also can do that!

yes i know there is this app, and i have it already installed. I have a problem with how to use information from this app and send it as a notification or whatsup message.

You could try something like this:

Given that you have setup the App with the API key and the Work Adress

I get ‘forbidden’ errors, so somewhere down the line the API (rights) has changed I guess

You got it set up like that? Or did you just show how you would do it?

Because if you have done that and it works then I have questions:

  1. How to update the time, how to turn off so that it does not speak through the speaker in homey pro?
  2. in the second flow, as it starts with “when it is updated”, unfortunately it does not work.

It was just an example of i think it would look.
I really don’t need it, cause i work from home.

Sorry if it is wrong or not working.

Cool no problem. I’m also sitting on it and figuring out how it should work. Unfortunately, hardly anyone uses it.

Were you able to run a Google directions check? I’ve been fighting for hours and can’t do anything.