[APP][Pro] Insight Trends [Abandoned]

tnx for the help

I tried the following options:

  • added a delay to every step in the “trends” flow (1, 2, 3 etc seconds)
  • disabled the trends flow and run it manually (it was already on a 5 min interval for a few days)
  • restarted homey
  • restarted insights app
  • disabled the 3 humidity flows (and some other humidity flows)
  • created a new humidity flow for one sensor

After restarting homey alle flows display the normal enabled icon but are greyed out after a minute (I assume Homey is still starting/restarting processes when I see the normal icon)

Nothing makes any difference, and all flows still are greyed out

Now I found the following:

The flows are grey because they cannot be started manually (so no green playbutton)

I should add that the other trends that are calculated (zonkracht) in the Trends flow and put into vars (f.e. ‘zonkracht’) still work, and have the same flowstatus. So the Trendsflow calculates, and other flows trigger to that calculation, no problems there

btw, the insights app uses around 15mb memory (20mb at first)