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Ahh , i see :blush:

@pbruins84 thank you for your donation. :heart:

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Thanks for your app. Working flawlessly for a long time.
But since today I cannot find my water- and energy meter anymore. Tried deleting the devices but then I can’t install them anymore (“no devices found”). Also reinstalled the, without success.
I noticed My Homey was also updated today (10.3.3), I don’t no if that is related.

Any ideas/suggestions?


Just updated my HP23 to 10.3.3 and the P1, water meter and Energylink are stil working

Okay, than it’s probably not related to the Homey update.

I just did some reboots of the Homey and was able to install the P1 energy meter after the second reboot, but only that one, the water meter is still not found. Did some reboots of the Homey again, but this time without result.
I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe it will come back.

@CoonHouse Is the local API still on from the water meter?

Yes, it is.
I also tried toggling it off and on again.

mDNS is your problem. Tips and tools for troubleshooting are in first post in this topic but reboot your internet router.

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This morning I tried again to Install the water meter and now it worked! No idea why, but at least it is solved.


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I need help, many automated elements of my house are completely down.
Homey Pro Early 2019.
Was working fine until it stopped reacting this morning. Had to physically reset it.
It rebooted and since then I get this on the P1:

Apparaat Onbeschikbaar
request to http://192.168.XX.XXX/api/v1/data failed, reason: connect EHOSTUNREACH 192.168.XX.XXX:80
(IP deliberately masked)

I tried rebooting the module (3 times)
Tried rebooting Homey (5 times) incl 2 hardware reboots
Uninstalled the homewizard module, installed it again.
Could not find the P1 device.
tried removing teh P1 and reconnecting it again
Did a reset with restore of backup of the Homey.
It came back up but the P1 isn’t reachable anymore.
It comes up and reads data once after which (2 minutes later) I get the same error again.

I can perfectly ping it and reach it with other apps.

Meanwhile everything is on hold, no car charging, no water heating, no dishwasher,…


This is a mDNS problem, reboot your internet router/accesspoint.
Further reserve your P1 ip address as a static (see troubleshooting tips in first post).

Maybe you should have an auto reply with that answer :smile:

Yeah sorry, it is frustrating that this has nothing to do with a bug in my app but pure a malfunction or local WiFi problem of the user.

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No need to say sorry. I even envy the amount of patience you have

Thanks I wont share the unasked diagnostic reports I get on a weekly basis. :rofl:

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Try v3.3.6 (currently in test)

Changelog v3.3.6

  • Support for gasmeter details when replaced and old unit not correctly set in P1 (external data)
  • Support for Norway Voltage and Amp readings

Hey , thanks for the update.

I now get the voltage 1/2/3
And amp 1/2/3

But they seem to update strangely , (unknown value keeps popping out :blush: . Not so easy to explain :blush:

Yeah I think I found why. I delay an earlier removal on a “stack” and then process it. I need to change that. Let me fix and release a new test version.

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Try v.3.3.7 hope it fixes that.

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