Cannot switch off homewizard energy socket in flow


New homey pro (early 2023) user here, so it’s possible I’m missing something obvious :slight_smile:
I trtied to make 2 simple flows to switch on and switch off a homewizard energy socket based on a specific time.
The switch on flow works just fine, but the switch off doesn’t. When I test it it gives me the following error:

  • The energy socket can bne switched off from the homewizard app without a problem
  • The energy socket has a fixed ip-address in my wifi network
  • The local API setting of the energy plug is switched on
  • I used the discovery dns-sd app. It lists the socket just fine
  • Other energy sockets have the same problem.

Has anyone an idea wht is going on here or how I could zoom in on the problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Hendrik-Jan_Schrijve ,
welcome to our community :grinning:
Unfortunately I have no cue, only the hint in the error message.
So go devices and hold your device Espresso - keuken for a second or two.
There you should find the settings (cogwheel symbol) and check if there is something you can change.
Unfortunately the possibilities in the smartphone app are different from those in webclient. So probably you have to check both. I would try the smartphone app at first.
Good luck

Are your sockets not accidentally locked?

Looks like you enabled the “always on” setting in the advanced settings of the device, under the “energy” header.


Rechecked the settings. As mentioned, Local API is on and locked is off (and playing with the led intensity didn’t change anything :wink: )

That’s it! :smiley:
Ap[art from homewizard, homey has an always on setting too! Now that they’re both disabled it works.