Homewizard energylink data stuck

My homewizard amenergylink was added to homey through the energylink app. It seems the meter readings get stuck somehow somewhere. I suspect it is either during switch from high to low rate or at midnight. Anyway i see old readings in the app and this is of course not usefull.

Anybody any idea / clue as to solve this problem. Without updated data there is no use whatsoever to use the energylink app…and homey for that matter

You already tried restarting the energylink app? Or Homey?

I restarted both energylink app and, homey. I also removed the app reinstalled it and added the energylink to homey. The data comes in fine but after a while it stops updating.
When i check homewizard (hardware) it functions perfectly

When i click one of the meters in the energy link app it now says 2 uur geleden. However the data it shows is older i think from saturday or yesterday

And other sensors from the Homewizard work as expected? Or don;t you have any?
You should try to contact the app developer and mention this to him.