[App][Pro] HomeKitty 😸 (aka HomeyKit 3.0)

It would make a difference.

I’ve explained the cause of the problem here: [App][Pro] HomeKitty 😸 (aka HomeyKit 3.0) - #117 by robertklep

So being able to delay the start of HomeKitty would probably fix the problem.

I guess I’ll take a look at implementing such a delay in the app itself, given that these problems are becoming more common with certain apps.

I’m pretty sure, that the last update of Home brought this issue in. If I can help investigate in this, just let me know.

I d’like to raise a ticket for Athom, but don’t know, how to describe. I guess they will push this ticket right back to me/to you as developer, because this issue happens to a community app… Do you have a recommendation how to describe it?

I added an option to delay the start of the app after reboot in the current test version (v2.2.0):

Don’t bother, Athom will just say that this is the app developer’s fault.

Are you sure that the Homey firmware update (v8.1.4) is responsible for this issue? My problem exists already a long time before this and other Homey fw updates.
The app virtual devices was updated at the beginning of May. The changelog does not say about major changes, but who knows!? And maybe it was the first restart of your Homey after this update?

I have a strange problem with the 2023 pro: adding devices went smooth, but all were mapped to one room.
When I try to remap a device via iphone to the correct room, all devices of Homekitty are gone and I need to reset homekitty.

Does anyone ran into the same problem?

Are you running the latest test version of HomeKitty?

Yes, latest version of homekitty, but with previous architecture of homekit and my homekit hub is an ipad mini 5.

Latest test version (2.2.0)?

Also, which version of iOS are you using? Because AFAIK, with the latest versions you can’t use an iPad as home hub anymore.

This! I would love to show my camera’s and ditch Homebridge. The only reason my server is still running.

Homey’s support for cameras is very minimal, and it requires (much) more to be able to expose cameras through HomeKit.

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Hello Robert

Can you add device type valve and sprinkler. I added a water valve with tuya to homey and it added it as a switch to homekit. However, homekit supports valves and sprinkler. :blush::blush::blush: thank you so much.

Can you post an request for this on Github? Issues · robertklep/name.klep.homekitty · GitHub

When you create an issue, it will ask you the relevant information I need to see if I can add support for this.

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I sent you a request on GitHub. My apologies if I made a mistake as this is the first time I’ve submitted a request on GitHub. If you guide me, I can correct my mistakes. Thank you very much for your help.



I have a problem, where all my devices is removed from HomeKit about once a month or sometimes more. I dont’t think I do something to trigger this, so I am not able to avoid it.

Has anyone had the same problem?

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Same here

@Daniel_Aaborg @drao are you running the latest test version of the app? Have you configured the new “delay start” setting?

I’ll update the list of known issues in the first post.

See Common Issues for more information.

Hi, is there a way to transfer air conditioner and tv to homekit with homekitty? Homekit appears as a key.

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TV: very likely not.
Air conditioner: perhaps.

It’s best to create a request through Github: Issues · robertklep/name.klep.homekitty · GitHub

That way I have the required information to see if/how it’s possible to add support.


HomeKitty live/stable update

I just pushed v2.2.3 to the live/stable channel. This wasn’t entirely intentional, but given that HP2023 will become stable soon, I was planning for it anyway.

It shouldn’t cause a lot of issues for users that were still on the previous live version (v1.3.2).