[App][Pro] HomeKitty 😸 (aka HomeyKit 3.0)

I have no idea, but if the device doesn’t show up in the Homey app (I assume that’s what you mean by “settings app”?) or on https://my.homey.app/, it sounds like the device isn’t being created at all (which is strange, unless you have more than about 150 devices that get exposed to HomeKit, because that’s the upper limit on what HomeKit supports).

Can you try creating a flow starter device and then send a diagnostics report to me?

Please use the test version of the app, as stated in the first post of this thread.

I sent you a report. 93922b45-8d40-4671-96ad-af4fc0ddecd8

The flow starter devices is being created in the homey as devices. But thy are not showing up under “supported, not added or unsupported” in HomeKitty
And like I said, all other devices works.

They won’t.

But like I said, try running the current test version of HomeKitty which is very much recommended for HP2023.

The test version did the trick! :smile:

Thanks man!!

I know it is impossible for you to know, but do YOU think it will be safe to update to the new HomeKit architecture and maintain the current state of the HomeyKit devices, so I don’t have to build all automation and scenarios again with the HomeyKitt devices that are transferring to the Home app?

Just your thoughts? :thinking:

I have no idea. I also have no way of testing myself because the new architecture requires a home hub, and the iPad that I used for years isn’t good enough anymore.

I see, then just hope for the best when I try :smile:

It works for me!


I have almost migrate to the new HomeyPro 2023!
and I just wanna say! you have made an amazing app! it is working perfect! Thanks again for the great app and work!

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