[App][Pro] HomeKitty 😸 (aka HomeyKit 3.0)

Hi, have you thought about adding wider support for Xiaomi air purifiers? Currently it works on an on-off basis, maybe it would be possible to add speed regulation?

The second device is adding an iRobot vacuum cleaner to Apple Home :slight_smile:

No, that’s not something I think about :man_shrugging:t3:

If you want specific device support, please create a separate issue for each device on Github. The issue template will ask for information that I need to know before I can say if adding support is possible.

Hi there - before I post to GitHub, I wanted to check to see if this is a known problem.

I love the application, thank you for all your work in developing and supporting it.

I have a Nest thermostat which works, arguably , correctly through the Homey app with my Homey Pro. However, when i setup HomeKitty, the temperature is wildly off (68° F in Nest or Homey, 158° F in Home).

Is this a known issue? If not, I’ll open a ticket. I didn’t want to do that if it’s something everyone already knows about (since, I don’t have a Starling, I’m guessing this might be a pipe dream anyhow)

Thanks again!


Internally, Homey always works with Celsius so HomeKitty sets the “temperature display units” to Celcius as well. My guess is that there’s still a conversion going on somewhere (although 158F is not 68C, which is strange), but I’m not sure where.

Can you find your device here and check the values of the measured and target temperatures?

EDIT: I now see that HomeKitty might not be setting the temperature units correctly. I’ll try and see if I can fix that.

EDIT 2: try the latest test version (v2.2.13): HomeKitty | Homey

Thanks for looking into this. Here’s the update. I installed the 2.2.13 version, and didn’t see a change immediately.

  • I restarted the HomeKitty app, and went to app settings and toggled the Thermostat from devices list. Saw it disappear from Home, and toggled it back on. Same error.

  • I went to the Nest app, and did a “attempt to repair” … no difference.

  • So I removed the device from Nest and re-added it, et voila, we have a change, but a new error. It was reading 32° C in Home, while reading 68° F in Homey (in the time I’ve been writing this, it’s gone back to 156°)

Another interesting thing is device status isn’t correct. In Homey it is on/Heat (current temp 68° / set point 71° and it’s runnng) where as in Home, it’s showing as Off, current temp 156°, humidity 0%, and set temp 50°)

Both measure_temperature and target_temperature capabilities in Homey aren’t correct, they should contain the Celsius value but they contain the Fahrenheit value. That’s an issue with the Nest app, not something HomeKitty can fix.

Also, nest_thermostat_mode is a custom capability, unique to the Nest app, and HomeKitty doesn’t support those.

I’m not sure why the humidity isn’t shown correctly, though.

Oh, no, the measure_temperature Temperaturenumber 69 and target_temperature Heat number 71 in Homey are correct and match what’s in the native app, and on the device display (all in F). It is only the Home where the problem exists.

I’m trying some different formulas, and it’s possible that the calculation is trying the (9/5) multiplication against the F temperature, and then adding 32 to the result. I believe the correct order of operations is {(°F-32)* (5/9)} to get to °C.

If I try (°F * (9/5))+32 it gets to 155 which is what’s showing up in Home.

I understand that you think they are correct, but they’re not: they should be in Celsius, because that’s what Homey uses internally. Only when temperatures are displayed (mobile app, web app) should they be converted to the local temperature scale.

This is the unit definition of measure_temperature:

  "units": {
    "en": "°C"

This is an issue with the Nest app that I cannot fix.

What’s happening is that Home also assumes that the temperatures supplied by HomeKitty are in Celcius, and subsequently converts them to your local preference.

Had some major issues first with the HomeKit experiment and then with the HomeKitty. Both of them published the devices to HomeKit, but neither of them gave access to any of the devices. All devices remained “not responding” no matter what…until I removed all my 3 Apple TVs and two HomePod minis from the picture…scarabough and now it’s all working with HomeKitty!

Well almost all…for some reason my Aqara and Sonoff temperature sensors do not show up in HomeKit although they are toggled on in the HomeKitty’s list of devices. Any ideas how to get them working?

That’s fairly common, although usually a reboot of those devices will be enough.

If they are toggled on it means they are supported by HomeKitty, and passed to iOS, but sensors aren’t shown as separate devices until you dig deeper, for instance through the Climate category and then clicking Temperature/Humidity.

Ooh now I found them. However for some odd reason they only show humidity data and not temperature at all. I recall having the same issue with the Homey’s HomeKit experiment.

Edit: I take my words back. Both are shown.