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I wonder why “turned on” trigger does not work, but the “value of xxx changed” works just fine. I have 2 on/off capabilities in this compound device.
Is this issue related to the issue that @JOR1 had?

Hi everyone, I am getting a “Fail to Connect” message when trying to configure the app the first time.

what am I doing wrong?

Please check you have set the URL correctly inclucing http:// and port like:


I tested now with some HA switches added as onoff_button or onoff capability.
All was working. The switch/buttons state was changing in Homey and triggers (alarm on/off) got started.
I changed the button state in HA for the helper and checked button/switch change in Homey and logged triggers to timeline. No issues found :man_shrugging:

That’s weird.
And this compound device seems ok?

It’s the same on devices with only one onoff:

Oh, compound device :sweat_smile:
May I ask why you are still using thic device if you have the possibility to build your devices in Homey with much more flexibility?

Th ecompound device was an possibility to group devices, but has huge disadvantages like restarting HA for every small change and defing things in two systems.
Since the possibility to add entities to every device on the fly I would not recommend to use compounds.
The compound device is still there for compatibility reasons. But it won’t be extended.
The possibility to add/change/remove entities is available for all others including many new features like triggers and actions.
If you are using some custom capabilities also in compound devices, you will see their assigned triggers. But not everything is implemented for compounds. It would need a duplicated logic.

So…can you switch over from compound to custom device if you want to use the new features?

Regardless of what was previously written I added the trigger to compound device.
Could you test the new test version 1.5.17?

It works fine now. :slight_smile:

I have a little minor thing more, that I’ve noticed.
I’ve added HA Alarmo to Homey, from within Homey (no compound here). I use the alarm state changes for different things, but the if the Alarmo goes from “Pending” to “Triggered” in Home Assistant, then it stays in “Pending” in Homey, until I disarm the alarm. Shouldn’t the state in Homey always follow the state in Home Assistant?

Anyway, I delete more and more apps in Homey, because I’m moving the things to HA instead. Maybe “Home Assistant Community App” will end up being the only installed app in Homey! :smiley:

Hey, you found a bug again :slight_smile:

Can you please check test version 1.5.19 if this takes over the “triggered” state to Homey? SHould work now - hopefully :sunglasses:

Hmmm it doesn’t seem to work. It still remains in “Pending” state after trigger…

after your first question I was confused about the trigger state and thought there was an app issue.
Now I checked the logic again and the old version was working correctly. The only issue was the presence of the “triggered” state in Homey. I removed this selection from the capability and condition because that was never used.

In HA, the “triggered” state is a one time state and is active only a second and is used like an event. But it’s not a persistent state.
Homey is not using this as a state. It only fires a flow trigger and activates the alarm capability.

So if you want to react on an alarm trigger in Homey, just use the flow trigger.
If you only want to get informes once on an alarm, use the alarm activated trigger. The alarm stays active until it’s deactivated indepent of the amount of triggers in he meantime.

New test version 1.5.20 brings back the correct logic and remosed the “triggered” state.

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Hi Ronny,

my homeassistant community app crashes after a few minutes - I have created a diagnostic report for you


It doesn´t matter which version I use - test or stable - both versions crash

Homey FW => 10.3.1-rc.2

(like @GRat )

Could you help me, please?

I can’t say what’s causing tje crash. The CPU check seems to be not really correct on the HP23 with latest FW (since 10.3?).
But there ist nothing I can do.

And you don’t have a lot of devices. Only thing I can imagine is a HA restart causing a high amount of sent updates and events.
You don’t have an event trigger without an event name? That’s a case which could cause such issues because every HA event woult trigger this flow causing CPU usage (but also flow rat limit I tink).

maybe it was a bug in the rc firmware of hp2023 - I installed the new stable Homey firmware 10.3.1 and will report


I tested the new firmware and the issue occurs again… :frowning:

I can’t see a reason in the log. Your app starts, devices are initialized. Then is a gap and the the app crash.

It can only be caused by an massive amount of HA messages. Is HA also restarting and is sending all updates?
I can not do so much because that are incoming messges that seems to cause the CPU usage.
Perhaps also the Mqtt Hub (if used) starts a sync that comes back as HA updates.
You see it’s not easy to check such behaviours.
Only thing you can do is to activate the entity update logging while the app starts and is active (repair view, app log, settings) and restart again until it crashes. Thens send me a diagnostic log and deactivate extended logging while the app starts again. You mast get a good point when the app is still active.

Here is the log with the last action (besige entity update that are not logged (too many log lines) and the stopped app.


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no HA works fine so far

As a test, is it an idea for the users to try this:

  • First turn off MQTT Hub and HAC app prior to restarting Homey
  • Restart Homey and wait for the restart to be completed, and make sure all other apps up and running again;
  • Now enable HAC app and see if this works better?


looks like you brought me to the right direction: I disabled the “homeassistant discovery” option inside the mqtt hub configuration…

And the homea ssistant community app is not crashing anymore…

Then your Homey sends updates via Mqtt to HA and that’s changing entities in HA and they are synced back to Homey…
You can deactivate all devices in MqttHub that are real HA entities and that should only ve synced from HA to Homey.
In MqttHub there should only be devices activated which are created in Homey and should be synced from Homey to HA (for a dashboard).