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What flows are you using?
I have seen that Athom changed the true/false for the push notification question to show up as cross or check mark on the phone.
If you meant this, then it’s done by Athom/Homey.

What data are you using to create this notification? Flow tags (from trigger card) or tokens?
But independent of the data origin, it seems to be a Homey internal conversion.

Thank you for this quick response, sincerely.

I retrieve a boolean from Home Assistant using the Home Assistant Community app. My flow is custom, and I check the capability of the sensor (true/false). When it’s true, the check is included in my notifications (Telegram, Homey, TV, …), but when it’s false, it’s just an ‘x’.

On my flow, i using “Value of capability XXX changes” => Telegram #Tag(The sensor of value capability).

In developer home interface, the device is good, and been set in true/false. It seems to be a display issue, as when I convert it to a number, I indeed get 0/1.

If you are using push notification, I think it’s converted by Homey. Try to print the same into timeline to check if it’s different.
But both are Homey flow cards, so you have to ask Athom for :man_shrugging:

Thanks for your response. Same result for timeline :confused:
I contact the Homey Support.
I will come back to provide the answer here, in order to share it with the community.
Best regards,

When adding a new camera device (aarlo) to Homey, an On/Off capability is automatically added for switching the camera on/off. Is there a way to make this switch optional or disable it? I use onoff_state capability to set the tile as active or inactive and do not want a quick action for turning camera off.

Isn’t it possible to just remove the onoff capability afterwards?

I haven’t tried this.
You can set the device in Homey to always on to prevent a tile press.
I can’t say if it’s possible to remove the onoff capability in repair view. I have to try…

If you need the camera image, you need to add the entity as camera device, because this device includes camera specific functions.
Using a custom device will only work for sensors entities (alarm).

As I found out :wink: and removed that idea again haha

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The main camera on/off button can not be removed from repair.
Yes, I need the camera spesific functions.
I was thinking of the possibility to have an option under advanced settigs to disable it.
When I added the same camera before last summer, there was no switch for turning camera on/off.
I guess this functionality for camera devices was added after that.

It depends on camera feature attribute. Perhaps the integration was updated in HA to support on/off switch now.
I’ll check what’s possible…

Supported features = 3
Is it possible to override feature value after the device has been added?

ON_OFF = 1

(Means: Both = 3)

You can set the state in HA developer tools:

But I’m already checking this :slight_smile:

I still search a good solution without breaking existing functionality.
I could disable QuickAction for the device. This should result in a non clickable device tile. But you still can press the button inside device details.
This is what you need, right?

The best thing is to get rid of the switch all together, but that need to be optional since other users would like to have it there. Second best would be to disable the QuickAction.

The easiest solution would be a settings checkbox to deactivate the button. The button is still present, but a press would not switch the state (in other words: the device doesn’t call the HA service)
And you will still see the camera state based on the tile.

I also use the onoff_state capability to set the tile active/inactive based on connected state in HA. Will this still work or will the tile state be set according to camera on/off state?

You added the onoff_state manually to your old camera devices?

Both capabilities would be tile specific. Perhaps the first assigned capability will be the primary one (don’t know, how Homey is managing this).
Another variation would be to exchange the onoff with onoff_state via device settings.

But this would be dependent on the on/off state from the HA entity.

I don’t know if I can solve your personal requirement with a general solution.
Perhaps easiest way would be to change the feature attribute temporary to 2 and add the camera without the onoff capability.

New test version 1.5.14:

  • Added switch deactivation for camera devices (device settings checkbox). This revoves the switch capability and just shows the on/off entity state in device tile to prevent unwanted tile touch actions.

I added now a device setting to disable the switch for camera devices.
If this checkbox is activated, the onoff capability gets exchanged with the onoff_state capability.
Both are using the entity state (on/off) to display current entity state.
I hope that’s solving your issue.

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Why didn’t I think of that? :blush:
I changed supported feature to 2, readded the camera device and changed supported features back to 3. I spent a lot of time adding all the capabilities again, but now the device is back in Homey without the camera on/off switch. Everything now works as expected.

In the meantime I saw you made testfix 1.5.14.
The strange thing is that I cannot find any on/off switch for the camera in HA, but pressing the switch in Homey definitively set the camera to deactivated in the Arlo mobile app and the camera is suspended. Turning camera on in Homey results in camera waking up again in Arlo mobile app.

I will add a camera device again with supported features set to 3 and try the fix. I guess I will end up with two onoff_state capabilities for the tile. Maybe both need to be turned off to deactivate the tile. Anyway, this is a very nice fix for my issue.

Why do you need a second onoff-state capability? Do you have other entities/attributes you want to link to? Else you can just add the camera without any other custom capability, the switch the onoff to onoff_state in device settings. Then the tile is showing the on/off state like the switch before.

A second onoff_state won’t be possible. And if you want to add it as subcapability, this won’t have an effect on the tile (I think).