[APP][Pro] Heating Controller with utility prices

Aha, guess you have the similar issue as i did.
My wife works in healthcare and therefore rotation with crazy schedules.
Sometimes night, evening, morning as well as weekends.
The standard settings in this app works great for a mon-fri setting where one work “banking hours”
so i tweaked the “at work” setting to be more of a daytime/nightime routine to ensure ECO mode during night.

Since i set start at work at 22.30 my heaters goes in ECO (“at work”) at night and comfort mode (“at home”) kicks in during daytime from 4.30 - during this time since i have verisure alarm (that works great with Homey) i made some flows that puts heating control on home/away based on if alarm is fully armed or disarmed.

Guess one can do something similar with other cards if you dont have Verisure :slight_smile:

according to app creator @balmli in a earlier post i have here, if you set start and stop time to the same, you can “disable” work/atwork all together.


Heres my flow if you want to know how i did it

I’ve been trying to setup a flow for my boiler where it checks if current price is lower then the price later (22:00-08:00).
Before this it will check if my solarpanels are producing 3000 W more then the house is using. If this is true and current price is lower than it will be tonight i want it to use that energy.

I can’t get around the current price is among the 1 hour of lowest between 22:00 and 08:00 since it’s not 22-08 time yet.

So clock strikes 14:00 and current price is 0,98 and the lowest price between 22-08 is 1,32.

How do i compare the price of this hour to the hours 22-08?

Thanks for a great app!


this works for me… the prices between 22 and 08 is not lower than current price where i am…


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The 1 hour of 22-08 will only trigger between 22-08 for the cheatest hour.
It dont go yellow because the price is higher now, it goes yellow because the time isn’t between 22-08

I want it to check the price now (14:00) against the lowest price between 22-08.

Thanks for a great app. Will it be possible to add the following cards:

Difference between highest and lowest price is less than X/% in the next Y hours

I think it will be more useful than comparing the whole day as it is done today

Im currently using the trigger “current price is among the X lowest hours in the next Y hours”. I noticed the Y is limited to 23 and thought that maked sence. But after som thinking this might be to little since at 13:00 when next day prices are release on nordpool it is actually 24 hours (the next day) AND 11 hours (The current day) that is “know”. The “know” hours then decreases to only 12 the hour before the New prices are released.

Suggestion is then to either have a card that says “current price is among the X lowest hours of all know hours”. Another option is to simply increase the maximum value of Y to 35. /Anton

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Also, I Wonder if someone has a smart way of calculating how man hours the boiler need to be on to Heat up to full temp. Currently I use the temp at The top of the boiler and it kindof work. But maybe someone has a better idea.
@balmli I also Wonder how the Condition “lowest x hours in the next y hours” handles x as a variable that can change within the time frame that is set in y.

Hi @balmli
Today, when we currently have negative electricity prices, I noticed that “Current price is 1% below today’s average” no longer works. The average price today is -10 öre and right now the electricity price is -15 öre. When there are positive electricity prices, the function works perfectly.
Am I thinking wrong…?

I have the app version 1.13.0. Price area Sweden 3 and currency SEK.


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Can you add a flow card to update the price through flows? I use Power by the Hour for energy prices (where I have also set up grid tariffs). Would be nice to get that into Homey.

Or that you add Power by the Hour to sources (in addition to the Strømregning app) we can choose between.

This is a really great app Bjørnar, I have been using it since last year and like how stable and well organized it is👌

There is however one small area where it is lacking and I cannot seem to find a way around it. Maybe you have a good reason, but maybe it is just an omission🙂

With all cards I am limited to work within 24h even though I know the price for more time.

The most simple example:
”Current price is among the 1 lowest hours in the next 23 hours” is a great card that works as expected, but why can I not set it to 30 hours or 40?

When I have the new prices at 14:00 I would like to heat something if it is the lowest price of all known hours, not just between now and 13:00 tomorrow.

Similar case:
”Current price is among the lowest 3 between 21:00 and 20:00” works great, if that is what I want.

But naturally I want to heat if this hour is the lowest between 14:00 and 23:59 (34h later) since that is the period I have known prices for.

Essentially, I want to be able to operate on all known prices, not just a set of 24h.

If that is an easy change, it would be much appreciated, else I will do fine with what I already have😍

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Noobie question. I just moved from Homeseer where I controlled my heating with on/off wall plugs and Aqara temperature sensors. I could schedule day, night, away, holliday etc.
Would it be possible to do with this app? I do not need to incorporate prices. I did not find the solution in Flow to use these devices with the app to controll heating.

When working from home I would like the heating controller to set home override to on automatically. I have tried this by the following workflow:

When I trigger the flow manually to test, it works, but it does not work when the workday starts and I am home. I have verified that the Presence app works and that it considers me at home.

I also have another flow that if I come home when it is a workday, home override is enabled. That works perfectly meaning presence should work.

Any tips to automatically set home override to on if I am at home when the workday starts?

This is one of the apps that I use the most. Mostly for the price functionality. there’s one thing I am missing though:

  • Average price for the X hours of lowest between START and END

Would like to use that as a heuristic for determining the charge level for the car. So I can charge to say 50% if price is higher (to be able to use the car) and higher when the prices are lower.

(Deleted as posted on wrong app…? (and sorry for possible stupid Qs :slight_smile: )

Have added the eco and home flows, but I just dont get it to work. Have to manually activate eco-flow for activation. Obviously this should change automatically based on time. An onvious thing I am doing wrong? Newbee😄

nvm. Figured it out :blush:

Hello, just played a little bit with your app. Realy good work.
It would be nice, if in the history would be a little bit more information then turned on turned off.

Hi @balmli
Now we have negative prices again and it doesn’t work on “Current price is 1% below today’s average”. I wrote about this earlier (July 16). The average price today is -3 öre and right now the electricity price is -4 öre.
When there are positive electricity prices, the function works perfectly.
Do you possibly have an update in the near future, where you can release a fix for this?
I have the app version 1.13.0. Price area Sweden 3 and currency SEK.

Can you add support for fetching prices from Power by the Hour and/or through flow?

Would also be very useful to get the price ratio for x hours in the future , it can be useful for situations where the price ratio is high/low for longer durations, which can happen quite a lot.

I would like the same, but im not sure if @balmli still maintains this. I have had a look at the code on github and suggested a change, will see if he implement it.

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