[APP][Pro] Heating Controller with utility prices

Is this project alive or should I start with something else building from scratch?

Yes, its alive


Can the app handle negative prices in Sweden?

With Estonia time zone, I still get weekend at 00:10 on Monday morning.
Any chance you could adjust this?


Now it’s been quite a while since we had negative prices, but since it didn’t work when I had version 1.13.0 and there hasn’t been an update since then, the problem I mentioned has probably not been fixed yet.
I hope @balmli can answer the question.


I am trying to use the fetch prices action, but do not understand the prcices it fetches. The heating controller device shows a price of 0.87 NOK right now. This is the correct price

However the prices fetched by the fetch prices give me a price of 1.0882375.

What causes the difference?

Hi @balmli
Now we have negative prices again and it doesn’t work on “Current price is 1% below today’s average”. I wrote about this earlier (July and Oct). The average price today is -1 öre and right now the electricity price is -9 öre.
When there are positive electricity prices, the function works perfectly.
Do you possibly have an update in the near future, where you can release a fix for this?
I have the app version 1.13.0. Price area Sweden 3 and currency SEK.