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Hi Jamie,
I’m missing the option to get the individual Name and Zone from the device in the group that triggered an event.
When using the Homey card “A <Alarm type…> turned on”, you can use the tags #Name and #Zone, to get the information from the device that did turn on. When using a group, I only get the group name when using #Name.

Use case:
I have several door/window sensors. Some are for giving alarms, some are “silent” just for changing the way a flow is executed. Like: don’t turn on the airco if the door of the room is open.
I want to put only the alarm sensors in a specific group and if one of them triggers, I want to give an alarm stating the name and zone of the sensor.

Hi @Sanu,
You can create a group for smoke detectors in several ways.
Without even using the “group” app, creating a standard flow:
In the mobile app at adding a When-card, you can choose “Zones & Devices”, choose card “A <alarm type…> turned on”, choose “Alarm type” “Smoke alarm”. You can than choose And… and Then… cards at your liking. Within those cards you can use the tags #Name and #Zone to display them in messages.

If you want to use the “group” app, you can create a device with it, using Other, Blended and add the smoke detectors that you want. At creating flows, you can use that group.
Greetings, Rene

Thanks for all the work and time you put into this app (that should have been default in Homey).
I made a speaker group of my Sonos speakers but I’m missing “Play URL”. Is it possible to get this option in the future?

hat noch jemand folgendes Problem:
Wenn ein Gerät aus Homey entfernt wurde, da können die Gruppen, in denen es integriert war, nicht mehr bearbeitet werden.

Das war mal anders. Nicht mehr existierende Geräte konnten aus der Gruppe gelöscht werden.
Oder habe ich was übersehen?

English please.
But I’m afraid you would have to recreate your group from scratch, that’s the usual advice given. Then you can use script if you have some complex flows you don’t want to fix manually : [HOW-TO][Pro][Cloud] - Tool to FIX (advanced) flows after removing and re-adding devices

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recently my Philips Hue devices get kicked out of my groups continuesly. After re-adding them in the repair section, they are unchecked when I open the group again.

Same here, devices are kicked put of a group randomly. I could not find out what the reason is. In my case, I restart the app and they are automatically part of the group again. I decided to automatically restart the group app every day to work around the problem, but it’s definitely a bug.

Hi @Jamie Thanks for your great app, been using it for years now.
Just got to the new HP2023 and recreating all my flows.
I would like to ask if “change color” on a light-group could be provided with a variable field? Now one has to type in the hex color manually.

Thanks :wink:

Hey, that’s one you will have to ask Athom for.

The group app just uses their defaults.

Thx Jamie, I made a support request for that. :wink:

Also seeing my Tuya devices being kicked out (some of them, not all). The repair section says that all 6 devices are part of the group, but only lists 5 of the bulbs … If I re-add the last bulb, I suddenly have 7 devices part of the group.

That is exactly the behavior I see with my Shelly switches. Occasionally they drop from the group, but the number of devices is still correct. Restarting the group app has so far solved the issue. This has happened 2-3 times, and in my case it has only affected Shelly devices.

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Nice app but is it possible to edit the groups like adding or remove items from a group? I have now homey pro 2023 and I can’t find it anymore how to edit, remove items. My app version is 3.2.4

Yes, via maintenance - it’s written in this thread already many times

Thanks. At the first time nothing was there. I had to make a repair and then I can edit, remove or change it. Case closed.

addition: every time I want to change a group, I first have to perform repair before the overview with device appears in order to make changes. this does not normall?

The “repair” is just the menu this sits under -

That’s how you access the screen where pairing and repair items undertaken

Hi WIlli,

I do see the same thing. I have groups with many devices in them. And if one device is deleted. The whole group needs to be recreated.

@Sharkys, I seem to remember the old configuration panel did not crash when devices were no longer part. It would show them greyed out, and they could be removed from the group. Would it be a reasonable request when I ask that to be recreated?


You would need to ask @Jamie , the developer :wink:
But anyway, I don’t understand what is the problem - are you sure you are using latest 3.2.4 version ?
And when you go to the maintenance section of every Group, happens what ? Please check that out, share screenshot and also diag. ID, so eventually Jamie can have a loot.

@Jamie , I have a video, so you can see what is happend. but I can’t upload this here. Where can I send it or upload it (28Mb)