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Is there any news on this?

I haven’t received any follow-up on that.

My first post on the forums…

I have the same issue and have come to the same conclusion. If a device is removed from Homey without being removed from the group first that group can no longer be edited.

In older version of editing groups there would be a red cross and the label [Deleted] I kind of remember. You just unchecked the box and the device was gone from the group and everything kept on working.

I hope this issue can be fixed because i have built a huge portion of my setup on groups and it has worked so great in the past.

/Mikael in Sweden

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well, another try

All my groups are made in app version 3.2.4
i have 2 different lamp groups, which are switched on and off with 1 other lamp group (lampen beneden)
(So i put on the last group, all the other groups are turned on. See first picture)

When i delete the “lamp TV Group” and make a new one, i get the error message when i want to add the new group to the “lampen beneden”

Error message, see last picture

So now i have to delete the group “lampen beneden” and make it again.
I also have to repair the flows with “lampen beneden” in it.

I have the hp early 2019

this is very annoying

hope i gave you enough information.

Report code 7dfa9b4b-7e72-47fd-a234-bc715d5df070

I’m not sure I understood you, are you trying to create nested groups? This is not supported anymore.

For repairing flows, check my comments above, there is script for that (not perfect but at least not needed to fix all flows manually)

Also error messages in other language then English, are not helping much - developer is from AU

Nested groups are possible with the “other” groups - aka advance groups.

Yes I believe I have enough information, but I recently started a new job and haven’t had any mental space available to work on my hobbies.

When I get some spare available time I will look into it, fixing this is possible - there is code in the app to check for deleted items but it must have a bug in it.

No promises as to when I will get the time sorry.



I have the same problem… I recreated the device several times because I thought it was my fault. the state is no longer updated. :frowning:

the problem is not with a nested group.
The problem is: if a (in this case) lamp is deleted in homey, and it was in a group, it doesn’t matter what group, then I can’t fix the group because the error says: Device not found.
Then I have to delete the whole group and recreate it. and also repair the flow again.

Fixing flow with the script is too hard for me, I’m not that technical haha

I hope it’s clear now or that jamie knows enough haha

Thank you


When using this app on the Homey 2023, it is not possible to add a single device to a group. This was possible on the Homey 2019. It had to be done somewhere in settings. Now with the latest homey you have to make the groups completely again. Is this correct?


Is it not possible to add a device using the “Repair” menu?

@Henrik_Johnsson is right, you have to go to the repair menu and there you can add or delete the stuff you want in that group

Hi Jamie,
I love your app and am using it for several flows! Only the editing of the group is in a strange place in my opinion. I didn’t expect it to be under Repair and had to search the Internet how to add a device to a group. On the app page, some other users also had trouble finding out where to add/remove devices to/from the group. So maybe it’s better to change this in a next release.

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Hi Jamie
c3b0b20c-53e4-41a5-8d49-8f634d5bd13c - I have problem with lights bouncing back when powered off via group - I have to switch every light separately to turn it off - is that anything you can fix?

Thank you

FYI - after re-creating them,it works, so probably something broken during group migration?


@ErtjeTheFreeze code placed with in the “re-pair” screen uses the code as the “pair” screen. The alternative being the settings screen which required constant custom development including its own UI. When it was under settings, I also constantly got asked “how/where do I change a group” but the experience wasn’t as good and there was more issues.

I am pretty happy with where it is now placed and have no plans for a another overhaul (or even any minor changes) of the app any time soon.

If I get any spare time, my next update will be fixing the deleted devices bug and fixing up the icons.

@Sharkys sorry that log didn’t really add any value, it didnt have any of the other changes in it, I am guessing that the screenshot you sent through is from a single light? The group app only did these actions :

First - attempted to turn off all the devices in the group (shows that only a single device from the group was actually on).
Second - Updated the group to “show” its on because a single device (same one) was also on.

16889139536 [debug] [device:All lights 🚨 on < group >] [setGroupCapabilityValue]  { 
 onoff [
  false, false, false, false,
  false, false, false, false,
  false, false, true,  false,
  false, false, false, false,
  false, false, false, false,
  false, false, false, false,
  false, false
16889139536 [info] [device:All lights 🚨 on < group >] [setGroupCapabilityValue]  { 
 Setting group capability: onoff to false :: [false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, true, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false](all) 

At the bottom of the groups settings for the group having issues, please make sure that the logging level is set to “trace” (it might already be).

Might be useful to restart the app, wait 60 seconds, turn on the group … wait 60 seconds, toggle it - wait 60 seconds, toggle it again - then submit the report. Hopefully there will be more information in it then and I can see whats going on.

Technically it should be giving a log message whenever once of the lights in the group change state.

Maybe just also check that there are no flows setup on the group? If you have a flow which toggles a group … it will show up as the “group app” changing the state of as device … not the flow itself.

Hi Jamie,

apologies, I thought that Group name will be visible from the log, as I was trying to make maintenance on it - this is not about All lights :rotating_light: on < group > it’s actually about Living room lights < group > which is misbehaving.

Nope that’s directly from the group containing 3 lights (Spot ambience 1 + 2 + 3).

Hm, I DON’T see this option for eg. sunshades, blinds, lights, sensor, including DE-BOUNCE settings, also Logging part is missing - I see it however for classes OTHER - but basically all the rest is missing.
Even when I re-create it from scratch, it’s not there :

Is it intended that those settings are missing for other classes ?

That’s what I did actually but the *Living room lights < group > immediately turns back on, after turning off.

I don’t have any such flow unfortunately.
However, please take a look on how it behaves :

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the explanation. Your choice is clear now. I haven’t yet looked into scripting, drivers and creating apps, so I have no idea what the possibilities and challenges are :slight_smile:
I assume that the text at the Repair screen “If the device is not responding, repairing the device may resolve the issue” is fixed. If not you could make this text more clear.
Rene de Vries

This is by design from Athom. The rrepair view is defined to make a re-auth process (oAuth etc) similar to pair view.
But repair views are the only way to present a device based dynamic HTML based settings page. I would like to have a option to rename this settings button from the app to “Advanced settings” :slight_smile:

The group should be visible from the log, did you want to just try again? It might have just gotten lost … There have been issues with the logs recently.

Are you seeing the behaviour with all your groups, some groups or just this one group? If it is just some groups - is there a common device or class type its occurring on?

I am assuming when you recreate the group the error keep happening?

Can you try re-creating the group as a united group, (I think) that should give you some extra settings you can work with.

@ErtjeTheFreeze & @RonnyW - Yeah I really wished we could add additional items into the maintenance window and also be able to rename them.

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I tested now with United, tried to add 100ms delays but seems it’s still not reliable.
Do you see now anything useful in the log ?


(please note I still kept the previous group as well)

That’s a question - is it enough to recreate it and keep still old one or it might be in conflict ?
Anyway, did it now - recreated the group as United group, fixed all flows and even it still blinks like the previous one, it keep lights switched off - so it works ! :wink:

Can you also add Smoke detectors as a selection? Thanks.

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