Seriously?! No grouping? No virtual devices?

I am testing Homey premium without controller and I can’t find a way to group bulbs or any other devices. Virtual devices, that can be the solution is also not available.
Do I miss something or this is the reality with Homey?

My Zipato based setup use a lot of logic within the rules (http requests, variables, etc) and I am not ready to spend 400 euro just to find out that Homey is not what I am looking for.

Ex-Zipato advanced users are more then welcome with their Homey experience :slight_smile:
I’ll appreciate your inputs on the subject. Thanks!

For Homey (premium) there are indeed no virtual devices and a grouping app.
That is all only for Homey Pro, either with an app (grouping) or build-in (socket and button) or if you want more advanced/extended virtual devices there are a few apps that extends that to pretty much infinite possibilities.
Homey (premium) is pretty much for starters in home automation, you don’t sound anything like a starter though.
Or did you expect the Homey (premium) to be able to do the same as a €400 device will do, for just €3 a month.

You have a point about the price, but I have already Fibaro HC3 getting dust around. Ok, thanks!