Homey Virtual devices support for Alexa

Hey community,
I am Zipato user looking around to change the platform and I hope to become part of you soon :slight_smile:

I switched from Fibaro to Zipato 3 years ago where the reason was Zipato rule creator and Alexa support for virtual devices.

I will appreciate if someone with Zipato experiance answer to my questions bellow. Thanks!

Is Homey Flow is powerfull enough compared to Zipato rule creator?
Is the Homey VIRTUAL devices are supported by Alexa voice control?
Will Homey reconize HUE bridge connected power plugs as power plugs and not as lamps?
Is it possible to use Zipatile as Homey Wall controll with the respective Homey app installed on it?

I have one more question. Is Homey and Philips Hue will be working without internet?