Please help with Homey integration with Aeotec, Forest Shuttle curtains and Echo


I recently bought a Homey hub and was trying to switch over from Smartthings to Homey entirely. I have added my motorised curtains (Forest Shuttle) which work fine through the app. I am however trying to integrate them with Echo so that I can speak to open / close them. I have installed the Homey app on my Echo but it doesn’t seem to find the curtains whilst discovering devices. Would appreciate any help here.

Secondly, I also bought an Aeotec wallmote thinking I could assign devices to buttons. But it doesn’t seem to give me that option on the Homey app at all - in the advanced section, it does want me to assign certain groups / nodes? but I can’t simply assign devices which seemed a bit odd to me.

Thank you very much!

I have same issue with forest curtains. I can open/close from homey , but alexa can’t find this device and also there is no functionality in simple things , like open / close in homey. Did you find any way to be recognized by alexa?

Probably you need to create a Virtual device, that can be found by Alexa and that can control the curtains.

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I will try … is there any tutorial “how to” for virtual devices? I am noobie in homey hub! I used to have fibaro hc2 and they had native support for these curtains. Thanks for your time…

There is a good Search function on this forum, try the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
Description: Virtual devices?

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It’s like that i found America!!! :joy::rofl:

Managed to make my first virtual device and flows. Now should alexa discover this virtual device? What about flows and alexa?

Think you have to place the device in the favorit devices part (home screen, Favorit devices cog wheel)

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