Aeotec NanoMote Quad

Hi all,
I’ve purchased one of the Aeotec NanoMote Quad’s, however it would seem this is not listed in the Aeotec App, can someone advise?

Thanks v much

As this is an app from Athom you either need to add the driver your self and create an PR, or ask for a device request.

Thanks Caseda, I’ve put in a request.

There’s a version available on GitHub:

Hi Hansie, thanks very much for getting in touch, this has brought a smile to my day, should hopefully be able to control the blinds upstairs now with a manual button. Can you help me with how I get it from Github onto Homey?

Thanks again

Search for How to CLI

To in/exclude 1 press and long press of any button

Hi @HansieNL I want to ask if he managed to run the Nanomotequad with Homey.

I have been able to install the application through CLI, it recognizes the command but is not able to perform any action with the buttons.

It also happens that if Homey restarts, Nanomote indicates Timeout.

I appreciate your help in advance!!

There’s now an Aeotec Test app 2.3.0 from Athom. The Nanomote Quad is recognized. In dev mode I see that a signal is sent. If I try to use a button in a flow nothing happens :sleepy:

just tried it out too, and indeed it doesn’t work,

Looked at the code for a little bit (if it is the code on Athom’s github, which isn’t completely up to date), and I did find it funny that they just blatantly copied over the code from the WallMote Quad (which I wrote so was pretty easy to see), including dim commands which the NanoMote Quad can’t do :thinking::joy:.

I think I also see the problem, they didn’t change the ID of the flow card anything, so it will interfere with the flow card everything of the WallMote Quad driver, I guess all we can do is inform Aeotec, as they are writing it now, even though it is still under Athom’s name.

app v2.3.0 might brake more in the app then you would hope for if they just copied over more just like that.
Do find it amazing that still includes though.

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I sent a support ticket to Athom. Let’s hope it will be fixed soon.

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Aeotec already released v3.0.0 today in the test channel of the app, and judging the flow cards it wasn’t fixed for the nanomote, can’t test it yet as I’m far from home currently.

I had conversation with Aeotec sometime ago. They will try to do their best to upgrade the homey aeotec app with a lot of features. However they are completely unfamiliar with homey system so they did stated they still need to form a team or to hire external help.

Let’s see how this will all develop as I find Aeotec so much more interesting / open / better supported (helpdesk) then fibaro. Let’s not forget one of the first companies that opened up their devices firmware so it can be updated by third party systems.

Seems 3.0.0 test is SDK3 and I’m still on FW 4.2.0 :frowning:
There’s now a stable version 2.3.0, but still same problem as before :frowning:
Athom reported the problem to Aeotec.

Just tested it, and actually it does work on v3.0.0, but judging the flow cards not much has changed so I installed v2.3.0 back again (the 1 in the stable channel) and tried, and it does work! At least the scene activation card (and their weird Dutch namings for the top button, which says “Left”). I did need to press 3 times before it responded the first time in Homey, after that it was consistent every time I pressed, it triggered.

kinda scared now to create flows yet, as when the ID’s will change for the flow cards, I’ll need to re-create all the flows as they will break.

I heard from Aeotec that the problem with the NanoMote has not been solved yet.

Just got mail that it’ll be fixed. See:

A new test version v3.0.1 is available, but I don’t know what they did.

I use v 2.3.0 now and it’s working with Homey fw 4.2.0. For unknown reason the flow was disabled.

Is this the problem we are talking about?
Today I included my NanoMote the first time and the test flows I made are ok.
Or are there any other problems?