Aeotec - Gen 1/2 Devices


I have just received my Homey and trying to set it up but it dosn’t seem to have Aeotec Generation 1 & 2 Devices in the database, so it won’t add my micro switches or micro dimmers that I have installed.

Any help would be great.


If they not supported, ask the devolper if he or she can add it to the app

Have you installed the Aeotec app from the App store?

Hi Adrian,

Yes I have installed the app, it seem that only the new models are listed ie gen 5/6.

Did you ever work this out. In the same postition as you?

Older aeotec devices in all my lights.

Hi Phate,

No I never did get this sorted out, so when back to Fibaro HC2.

Ahhh that’s sucks.

Eventually they added as generic devices. Basic on off. But that’s all I need from light switches. Not reporting power tho so still may need to report it.

Unfortunately, your specific switch is not supported, and will not be supported either, since it is quite old and not requested a lot.

We suggest you but a Aeotec Nano Switch, which is supported, and will give you the Power Usage values.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

From support.

Now what.? :grimacing:

I’m liking the homey. But. Roughly $700 for new light modules.

Crap :slightly_frowning_face: