Homey has stopped talking to all my devices

Hoping folks can help.

Have been loving homey and getting to grips with it. But this evening we had a brief powercut and ever since, honey can’t talk to any of my Aeotec Nano Dimmer devices. They’re connected to momentary switches and they still work fine, suggesting the Aeotec devices are still working. But when I try to use the Homey app to adjust any of the devices it just gives a timeout error?

A quick update, I thought I’d try and remove one of the Aeotec Nano Dimmers and re-add it to see if it would reinstate connection. When I go to “Remove a z-wave device” in settings, I get a rotating wheel (iphone app) and then an error saying “Couldn’t remove a z-wave device”.

When things look weird and/or make no sense, try a PTP (pull the plug)

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Thanks @Caseda - I did try that a few times. Also tried restarting from within the app.

Waited for a little and all the lights went out and acted a bit weird and then they’re back working again now. Would love to say it’s my technical genius but who knows. lol

Appreciate you taking the tine to help though.

Thanks again