Help with Aeotec Nano Dimmers and Clipsal Switches

Hi there, I’m looking for help. My electrician (it is illegal for anybody but a trained electrician to touch house wiring, here in Australia) finally figured out how to wire the Aeotec Nano Dimmers to my existing Clipsal wall switches. He switched the mechs from regular two way switches to bell-press switches and now I can turn my lights on and off from either the physical switch or my apps (Homey app or Apple Home app, via Homeykit). The problem I have is that any change I make via the physical switches doesn’t register in the apps. Eg if the lights are on and I use the wall switch to turn them off then Homey and HomeKit both still see them as on. Any advice?

I believe @Azz24 was having this issue, i’m not sure if he found a work around.

Thanks for that. I couldn’t see a fix in the thread but have sent him a message

@BeachDuc, I’ve replied to your message.

In short I have the same problem but with Fibaro devices and I don’t have a solution

Thanks for that. When I see the bill from the previous electrician I’m going to try a smart home specialist. I find it hard to believe there is no solution to this, just that it is beyond me!

First you don’t need to change your switches to “bell presses” … unless you want to - (or want hold to dim) about half of mine are regular Clipsal mechs and half are momentary (bell).

Have you tested the behaviour when honey is with in 1 meter of the switch? And how close was homey when you paired the dimmer?

Homey is about three metres from two of the dimmers and directly below (as in 1 storey down) from the other. Would this really make a difference? It doesn’t sound very practical having to have your hub so close to the switches. Homey was in the same spot when paired.

Its not practical, just trying to eliminate what could be the issue.

I know for a fact that I had issues with devices on the other side of the house when pairing them, and it wasn’t until I paired them with homey 10cm away from the switch that they started working correctly. (They were not showing power usage on the S2).

So first I would remove a switch and repair it with Homey next to it (10cm), and keep homey next to it. You will need to wait a minute after pairing before it will start working correctly. If that resolves the issue then move homey back to its original location. And try again, if you start having issues then it could be an issue with homey not receiving the state message form the switch, when it is changed.

Oh and change the power plug which came with homey … its crap and can causes all types of issues later on.

I couldn’t quite manage 10cm but was less than 50cm. No luck I’m afraid. Thanks for trying though.

Also, which bit of the power cord would you change! The cable or the USB wall plug?

Sorry it didnt work, though on the upside that does mean that your homey antenna and plug antennas are likely working.

USB wall thing - I connected my directly to a power-board (which had a USB) - I have also used an iPhone plug :slight_smile:

Best to now connect support with your issue, let them also know what you have already tried.