Aeotec smart switches Gen5 not updating

Hey Guys

After migrating all my devices to Homey pro – I have noticed my Aeotec smart switches gen5 don’t always update with the power status of how many watts its using – when the plug has been turned off the power status (watt) sticks at what it was on and sometimes when its turned on it doesn’t update – never had a problem with these plugs before I moved to Homey – wondering if anyone else has had this problem – I was wondering if they need a firmware update which might fix it

Every now and then I have noticed this with some Fibaro devices as well (RS 2, Walli Outlet), but only recently.
Because I have not made any changes in the device settings, and the problem occurs only recently, I suspect that it’s a Z-Wave Core problem. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this error, it just occurs from time to time.

My suggestion is to contact Aeotec ( or Link) to clarify if a newer firmware is available and if this issue can be fixed by changing some device parameter. If it’s not possible to fix this issue, please contact Athom (Link).

Btw, please inform in the future:
– Homey Firmware
– App version
– Device Firmware

@Caseda, do you have an explanation for this problem? Could it be due to one of the latest firmware updates?

I haven’t seen this issue come by on the forum very often (or at all?), and don’t see this issue myself either so kinda hard to say what it is. Could be range issues, or additional interference(s) added nearby/between the devices.
Could be a core issue of course, though the only thing changed (publicly) has only to do with pairing.

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The Fibaro Roller Shutter 2, on this one I had noticed this issue, has been running since 2018 with no issues. I have made no changes in the device settings and/or other changes, except firmware and app updates.
After opening the shutter, there was still ~ 130 W displayed in the device tile. After closing the shutter a bit, the problem was solved.
Unfortunately, I didn’t thought of saving the data from Insights at that moment and inform Athom.