Issues with Power Reporting

I am seeing some strange behaviour with power reporting for many of my devices, quite often the power reporting will stop.

example 1 - Switch has been turned off, yet still show power use ( I have even unplugged the end device to make sure).

example 2 - Switch is turned on, end device is off (even unplugged) and still shows power usage.

example 3 - power switch is actually on, yet shows as OFF in Homey.

example 4 - power switch is on, yet show NO power consumption even through end device is on and running 100W+

Most of my devices are Aeotec Smart Switch 6, but I have seen similar issues with Fibaro switch modules as well. Does not seem to matter how far away they are from Homey, most are direct hop or max 3 hops on the z-wave network.

Restarting the Aeotec app seems to bring them all back to normal function, however sometimes a reboot is required.

I have also tried to adjust the power reporting values i the module itself, eg from 30W delta to 5W delta, all this did was seem to flood my z-wave network with traffic and no end result on the homey interface.

Is this a known issue with Z-Wave and devices?

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