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Power reporting seems to crash/lock up

There appears to be an issue with power reporting, most of my devices will get stuck with a power (Wattage) value throughout the day, for example a power socket (Aeotec Smart Switch 6) is turned ON, but the device that is connected to it is OFF, yet it shows the Power consumption as 140W.

The other scenario is that the device is turned off, yet reports a power consumption.

I find that if I go and restart the Aeotec and Fibaro apps from the settings page, the normal power figures return as correct.

Has anyone else seem this or has a fix ?

Is there a way to restart the Apps overnight as a workaround ?

I have the fibaro roller shutter and the power reporting seems to be working fine for me.
My issue though is the idle state of the roller shutter sometimes “reversing” instead of stopping.

As for your question on restarting an app, you can take a look at the CANDY app in the App Store.