Homey Pro 2023 and Insights-KWh-watt

Maybe Im just a noob, but I cant find any information about Kwh logging in Insights

As an example, Fibaro, Shelly, Aeotec and Nexa Zwave devices with energy logging
When looking into Insights for these devices I dont understand Kwh Vs. Watt

Period 9 nov 00:00 - 11.00
Aeotech (heater)
Energy: 120 Kwh
Energy usage: 1100 watt

Fibaro (5 ledlights)
Energy: 9,38 Kwh
Energy usage: 10 watt

Kwh is not correct in my opinion, how can, for example, 5 LED lamps consume 9.38Kwh during about 12 hours? 10wh should be 12h x 10w =120w or 0,120Kwh

What am I missing, or misunderstanding

kWh: shows the total consumption since the start of measurement. So not only from 00:00 - 11:00 on November 9.
(please note the correct spelling)

W: indicates the power that the devices are currently using. If you switch the device on, the power increases; if you switch the device off, the power drops to 0 W or to the standby power.

Insight does not calculate anything, but just shows thing. So the device you are monitoring has two pieces of information: W and kWh. The first is the monentary energy the device is using, the second the total energy used from the beginning of the monitoring. You can make it clear by resetting the kWh.

That is strange, since I cleared all the data yesterday

If you cleared all data, and switched off the connected appliance, both counters shall be 0 and stay zero. If not, they are not cleared.

Are you sure? Maybe post some screenshots.
Which Aeotec and Fibaro devices are you talking about exactly?
How did you delete the values?

Fibaro – Single Switch 2
Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch

Did a reset once again, and I will post screens tomorrow
Cleared the data by choosing Clear data in Homey Insights

That does not clear your data in your wallplug/switch !

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The consumption of the Aeotec HDSS can be cleared via flow card:



The consumption of the Fibaro SS2 can be cleared in three ways: