Energy distribution overview

Hi, I just transfered from Fibaro Homecenter 2 towards Homey and it works lovely.

What I really miss in the homey is the energy distribution overview. In Fibaro you can select a time zone and a group (based on rooms or self select) and you can see in a Pie chart the distibution of power usage.

This is very handy to spot drainers, of devices which uses a amount of energy during the day.

In my Fibaro journey it helps me with reducing power usage by smart turning these devices off and even replace old devices with new ones.

Can this on the roadmap?

An example view:


Energy dashboard is there in the mobile app:

However that shows only the energy right now. Insights does collect the historical data and can show per device graf for the history.
A pie chart for the selected zone and time frame would be nice addition.
Maybe the energy page in the web app will have something like it in the future.

Not sure, but do you know the app

Not sure if this has what you need, perhaps @spkesDE knows?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing with Homey.
However, there is an app called Power of the Hour with which you can record the consumption of the devices, among other things. The power consumptions created in the app can then be compared in Insights, for example.

With PbtH you can also determine and compare the costs, in my opinion this is not possible with a HC2, at least not without LUA script.

And with the Device Capabilities app you can create your own Advanced Virtual Device With the app ABZ you can create your own AVD and create a consumption overview of different devices in it. The data you can use for this comes from the PbtH app.
Sorry, no example available…

Thanks all, but still not the same and insightful.

Hopefully the homey team sees the potential of this feature.



please ask the Athom team directly for a feature request

Hi Sven,
From what I know they seldom act on email.

This is the way to reach to support:

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Barend, depends what you want, i have build this via influxdb and graphena, (on a raspberry pi)
this way i can create wathever dashoards i want.

To complex for me, I could also export daily energy values and subtract the day before per device and have an idea about daily consumption per device.

Easier to have it out of the box :grinning:

Yeah, i do this with the Export Insights aap, export the csv to my Nash, than have a Bash script including them into an excel file.