Fibaro devices, power consumption

I bought Homey Pro for some time ago, and connected some devices - mostly Fibaro.
I played around with different, very simple, flows and so on.
What I experienced was that the devices uses a lot of power/battery.
E.g. the Fibaro heat controller (FGT-001) had to be charged every 8-10 days. I have 6 of them in a 60 square meter area, with light walls (dry walls).
Now I have had a Fibaro HC3 for about 3 month - last time I charged the controllers was 2 month ago, to day they show 92% left.
I have also a Danalock (Z-wave), but it uses so much power (change batteries every 2-3 weeks) that I dismounted it.

Have any of you observed something similar - meaning Fibaro/Homey, or maybe Homey/Z-wave, uses a lot of power?

Tia, and have a nice weekend.

Its very device and settings specific. I had a lot of problems with Fibaro motion sensors (new version) that last only few months compared to old version that last 1,5 year. Also Aeotec 6in1 sensor was eating battery like a hell.
Try to reduce polling interval and all reporting features that are not needed on that device. This should help.