Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch Gen 5

Having problems to add my new Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch Gen 5.


Its mounted and ready, when I go through the add / pairing guide it get stuck after pressing the action button the second time. Everything seems to work well from the unit, the red LED stops blinking and its seems to be paired in the network but the Homey app just goes to error, “Somethings wrong, try again later”

Any help here on what to do? Does the Aeotec App not support Gen 5 of the heavy duty switch? Seems like you have to choose between Gen5 and noone Gen5 on the other products.

As you can see in the app store, the HDS Gen 5 isn’t supported by the stable app version 2.3.0.

The test app version 3.0.6 supports the HDS Gen 5, but this app needs Homey firmware v5.x (beta status!).

Thanks for reply!

Ill try to level up to Beta then and see how it goes.

Before you upgrade to Homey FW v5.x Beta, you might need to do some research. The beta still causes problems for some users.

To late…

Upgrade to Beta and also Exprimental beta on Aerotec. Still no luck… :frowning:

Thats make me a sad nerd :frowning:

Aeotec app is now 3.0.6 but I still only se “Heavy duty switch”. The Gen5 option isnt avaible, and same behavior when I try to add it :frowning:

Also made an extra look, I have the ZW078-C version.

Yes, if you upgrade to Homey Beta FW v5.x, maybe a lot of apps has to be updated too. The reason for that is, that Homey FW uses SDK3 and apps with SDK1 don’t work anymore.

Usually, the device is reset to factory settings during inclusion. Nevertheless, reset the device before inclusion.

It could also that the device is too far away from the Homey. Move Homey close to the device (extension cable, powerbank) and try again.

I asked someone from Aeotec and he said, that the HDS Gen 5 is supported by the app.

Yes, I can now confirm that its working fine :+1::+1::+1: