Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 unknown error

Just got a aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5, and when I try to connect I get the first green dot and then a unknown error. I has happened like clockwork every time I try to connect. My homey is only centimetres from the switch.
I have updated homey to experimental. No dice.
I do not se the Gen5 spesific in the app, but I don’t know if that is required.

Any tips?

Normally when it is not in the app it is not supported.
You can ask the developer of the app to add the Heavy Duty Switch gen 5. Link is on the app page.
Maybe you can add it as an generic device?
Devices, +, Homey and then Z-Wave or Zigbee.

thanks for the tip, looked in the forum and some one has asked, it is supportet in the app.

tried to add a generic device, same error. one green dot and then unknown error.