Please let me group and hide devices

Dear Athom, please, please, please let me group and hide devices. I have rooms which have a ridiculous amount of devices that do absolutely nothing. I use the group-app to group lights for example, but can’t hide the lights that have been grouped. In my living room I have 2 areas that have three lights hanging from the ceiling. That’s 6 lights in Homey, which becomes 8 when the groups are added. And don’t forget the 2 wall-switches that control them outside of Homey, but are prettymuch useless in the Homey app. My room/screen now has 10 devices, which are actually just 2 devices(/groups), cluttering up everything. (there’s more, 80% of my Homey are devices that are grouped or never used)

Since the tile-layout was heavily inspired by HomeKit and the Home app on iOS, please also consider getting inspired by the way that app handles grouping, which auto-hides the devices that have been grouped within the group, it works great. And for other less-than-useful devices such as KaKu wall switches; we have a list and tile view on the webapp, a simple toggle in the list view for ‘show in tile view’ should be more than enough if it syncs over to the actual app.

Yes, I know there are workarounds like putting the grouped devices into a new room which you just don’t use, but that messes with some room activities and simply shouldn’t need to be done. Please Athom, make this work.


Unfortunately Athom doesn’t read these topics so you’ll have to forward your suggestions to

I’ve been doing that for a year unfortunately, and also replying to their Hotjar-based experience tool. I was hoping adding a message here would gain some likes/following or whatever so I could e-mail Athom again showing them it’s not just me who wants this…


These days they do read the forum:

Did this get implemented? I am new to homey and since started to move all my devices from Vera - my MCO Home wall switches create a switch and a module - with Vera I could run a LUA code that would hide devices to keep everything tidy - I wonder if a homey script could be run to do the same thing

In short: no, and no.

Mr. WorkAround is here again :joy: I’m practicing the hillbilly workaround. Created a zone called “zzzz_do-not-use-me” and put all non-operatable devices in it. The zone ends up at the bottom of all zones, so it’s kind of ‘hidden’ :sweat_smile:

Ye I did something like that - My room is called Zombie so all my not used devices are in there - They are dead to me as I don’t want to see them


Yes! Same problem here. Lots of devices i dont want to see in the UI. Plus would be really nice to be able to order both zones and devices.

+1 on the hide and group.
It would be really nice to group devices together and have the option for group commands.
For instance, my 8 role blinds are now seperate devices in Homey, having them as one group and commanding them as one would be great (use groups for that now). what would be better is that whithin the group actions, you can individually set blind Hight.
this would work for all devices of a similar type.

The Group app is for you!

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no it’s not. it will let me use multiple devices as one, but they are still cluttering up my Homey as they are also still usable seperate.


This is the only way for now to hide your devices

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exactly what I already mentioned in my original post. I’m not looking for answers here, I want Athom to implement a basic feature that most other platforms have already, and the forum is the only place I can. (and they do ready the forums, as they keep mentioning in their AMA’s.)


Well they say a lot hehe. They do not read every post from anyone anywhere, so I’d suggest you contact support, by following this link and scroll down to “Customer Service”

I asked them this:
Feature request. I would like to give various users of the homey (children/guests) limited rights to some devices and flows.
In addition, it would be nice if you could make devices invisible in the device list. For example, I use switches that operate ventilation valves. I only want to control these via flows and prevent them from being accidentally operated in the app.

I received the answer that they have written it down and are considering it, but that the roadmap is already quite full for now.

So if you like this idea. Please make a feature request as well.

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How is there no feature to change the lights of a room instead of single devices. Yea, the group community app works, but it lacks support for adding, removing and moving devices later.

I understand that most people still use Hue bridges, but with the Homey Pro’s support for all standards, it would be straightforward that people want to use the Homey Pro as bridge for their Zigbee/Matter devices.

Please add support for at least controlling lights (also hue and saturation) by room.

Would addressing the ‘Zone’ work? I normally use Zone to handle all lights in a room unless I need some of the unique features of Group.

It works for turning the blubs on and off, but I’m missing additional settings (to also create scenes) like hue, saturation and temperature, and apart from the automations, I haven’t found a official way of changing all the lights in the room at once from the web/mobile app (except for flows).

I’ve worked something out with the 3th party “< Groups >” app, which works, but is not ideal. In my opinion, functionality like that should be baked in the OS.

When you mean the < group > app: Look with your other eye, or Read The Fine Manual :wink:


Let Athom know about your wish.

In the meanwhile, checkout this app.

true/false means, devices which can be turned on or off
percentage means, devices which (can) have f.i. sliders, like blinds positions, blinds tilt, or media volume
number means, device which have f.i. dim, color, hue, target temperature

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