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Please let me group and hide devices

Dear Athom, please, please, please let me group and hide devices. I have rooms which have a ridiculous amount of devices that do absolutely nothing. I use the group-app to group lights for example, but can’t hide the lights that have been grouped. In my living room I have 2 areas that have three lights hanging from the ceiling. That’s 6 lights in Homey, which becomes 8 when the groups are added. And don’t forget the 2 wall-switches that control them outside of Homey, but are prettymuch useless in the Homey app. My room/screen now has 10 devices, which are actually just 2 devices(/groups), cluttering up everything. (there’s more, 80% of my Homey are devices that are grouped or never used)

Since the tile-layout was heavily inspired by HomeKit and the Home app on iOS, please also consider getting inspired by the way that app handles grouping, which auto-hides the devices that have been grouped within the group, it works great. And for other less-than-useful devices such as KaKu wall switches; we have a list and tile view on the webapp, a simple toggle in the list view for ‘show in tile view’ should be more than enough if it syncs over to the actual app.

Yes, I know there are workarounds like putting the grouped devices into a new room which you just don’t use, but that messes with some room activities and simply shouldn’t need to be done. Please Athom, make this work.


Unfortunately Athom doesn’t read these topics so you’ll have to forward your suggestions to support@athom.com

I’ve been doing that for a year unfortunately, and also replying to their Hotjar-based experience tool. I was hoping adding a message here would gain some likes/following or whatever so I could e-mail Athom again showing them it’s not just me who wants this…

These days they do read the forum: