Group app dissapeared in Homey app after last update


Since last week GROUP settings are not working anymore in the app. When I go to “More”, “Settings”… the app is missing in the overview.

I read that the latest version was only available/working for Homey update > 8.1.3, but I also read that this check was later deleted?

So what is happening here?

Which Homey Pro model are you using? And if the HP2023, which firmware version?

HP Early 2019 (still waiting for delivery of 2023).

According to the app page, it requires 8.1.3 or newer:

If it was initially published with a requirement of needing > 8.1.3, it might have been uninstalled automatically if auto-updates are turned on (just guessing here; it would be pretty silly if it would actually work like that) and now you need to re-install it.

I’ve seen it now 3 times totally that an installed app was not available anymore on my homey 2023. The related devices where still there (broken and unavailable). After ‘reinstalling’ the app, the devices where working again.

I already have 8.1.3, but the app remains not visible on my phone. Even after the updates from GROUP itself.

It is visible on the desktop version, but I can’t alter the groups there :frowning: On the mobile Homey app, the Group-app is still visible as app, however I can not update the devices I have created… Simply no possibility… I can look at the definitions (via the app-page), but that’s all.

@robertklep Do you mean with re-installing: Delete the app (and with that all the related devices) and introduce the app again? After that create the devices and repair the fows?

For I already have (re-)installed Group (over itself I guess), but no result…

@Ranney what was your ‘re-install’ action? Just ‘Installed’ it from the App-page (again)?

Sorry, that was not very helpful in my post.
Yes, I just reinstalled the missing app and the devices are working again.

@Ranney poing is… The app is not realy missing… It’s still there…

That’s normal - install Test version and then when you need to fix your groups, you must go to particular device setting and choose maintenance action. Or did I misunderstood you ?

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Hmm, in my case, the app was not in the overview. Even after rebooting homey, the app was not there. All the related devices where there but ‘broken’. After installing the app again, the devices and flows where working again.

Hi Michel,

I think I had the same experience.
When I looked at the advanced settings of a particular group, it said something like ‘version 2.22’.
After deleting that group and creating the same group again, it said ‘version 3.1.15’ and that group is working perfectly again! Maybe this will help?

Hi @RonnO what I understood from the documentation is, that the version number you see is the version number with which the group was created.

I have checked some of my groups and indeed some of them are 2.0, some 2.4.304 or 2.5.301. The last 1 I created was 3.1.15 (this was a replacement for an older one).

All the different groups work and can be operated. The only thing: I can’t is edit the group… Not even a recently created one!

Maybe one thing to mention that might be relevant: I use the Beta version of the Homey app…

As I wrote above, if you need to fix your groups, you must go to particular device setting and choose maintenance action - works for majority of devices types, like contacts, motion, lights etc.

@Sharkys this option is not available, that’s my problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Normally I would go to GROUPS, select the group type and the specific group and I would have a list of all devices which were selected in that group. This option is not available now.

What I can do is change the advanced settings of the group itself … but that is not the only thing that I want to do.

I don’t understand, when you open any group device, can you post screenshot from settings? What is that device type ? Also you are using latest test version, correct?

Here is one which I made this morning

You see my problem now… Thx for sharing by the way!

I use version 3.1.15. I even updated the app this morning.

I told you, install TEST … v3.2.4

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@Sharkys Thx, Did not understand what you meant, now I do.

This gives me the maintenance option and thus the option to add or remove devices again.

Remains one question: When can I get back to the standard version? Do you know?