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Subject: Assistance Needed with ZGRC_KEY_001 Zigbee Integration in Flows

Hello EasyLighting,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your assistance regarding the integration of ZGRC_KEY_001 Zigbee devices into my automation flows.

Initially, I managed to set up the on and off functionality successfully using the provided buttons. However, I am encountering difficulties with the dimming buttons. In comparison to the Z-wave version, where the flow charts are straightforward with commands like Dimm Up, Dimm Down, Click, Hold, etc., the Zigbee version appears to only offer step-level adjustments.

In my attempts to configure the dimming buttons, it seems that mode 0 corresponds to the left dim button, and mode 1 to the right dim button (though I’m uncertain about this). The specific issue I’m facing is when I press the dim up button (mode 0), the lamp dims to 100% as expected, but then it fluctuates back to 50% and back to 100%. Strangely, I don’t encounter this issue with the mode 1 button.

Could you please provide clarification on what might have gone wrong in my configuration? Your guidance in resolving this matter would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards

Hello all,

Is this app still being supported does anyone know? Hopefully, Wang, the developer is OK?

This was a very active community and amazingly well supported app, much to admire in Wang’s dedication and approach.

I was just wondering if anyone knew why it has gone so quiet since December, although I can see Wang also had another urgent project they were working on.

Best regards


I’m sorry I haven’t updated this app for a long time because of some of my busy work. After my Chinese New Year holiday, I will continue to update this app.


Dear @Easy_Home ,

I don’t know if I should still report bugs here or the proper way is github for now?

Hi @Easy_Home! First of all thanks for the great work and for building the App :raised_hands:

I just installed some of the ZG9032A 4-in-1 sensors and I noticed that none of the advanced settings are available, e.g. sensitivity, time-out, pulse counter, blind time. Any plans to add this functionality in the future?

Hello, thank you for your support on EasyLighting app, we hope you are fine, and you were back from CNY in February.

I bought numerous pieces of SR-ZG9080A blind controller almost one year ago, as I was told ‘window coverings tilt set’ should be supported via cards soon.

Without it, none of our venetian blinds (tilt function) can be controlled via flows. Can you pls add this feature?

Thank you.

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:ok_hand: I will add those flow cards.

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Hi, please try this test version, it’s in review. EasyLighting | Homey

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Hi, I think it’s more appropriate to discuss issues here.

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Hi @Easy_Home

One of my issues is aforementioned missing tilt position card for SR-ZG9080A.

Second issue is with SR-ZG9092A thermostat. If I want to change setpoint temperature from web/iOS/iPadOS apps it results an error message: “Can not read properties of undefined ‘reading occupied’” If I change setpoint by pressing physical buttons on the device, user interface reports back the change.

Third issue:

I’ve just found an additional one. SR-ZG9080A does not report back position changes when shutter was moved by pressing connected buttons.

Hi Fac3, what kind of buttons, is it a Zigbee Panel Switch (with flow) or just a push button?

Hi, pleast test this version, the release version is in review.

Update: Add set the tilt position flow action card for ZG9080A.

Hi importsteven, pleast test this version, the release version is in review.

Update: Add set the tilt position flow action card for ZG9080A.

Issue occurs with push button wired to the module.

I tested it last night, and tilt function now works via flow cards.
Thank you very much for your great support!

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