[APP][PRO] Connect Solar Solax Inverter to Homey

New app for solar Solax inverters only. It takes data from Solax cloud (https://www.solaxcloud.com/) and present them in Homey. Update inverval is 5 minutes (it is Solax cloud limitation).

Here you will get Token id:

Here you will get Registration Number:

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But there is test version you can share maybe? I shall get Solax in few months, so signing up fro this :slight_smile:

I suggest use Virtual Devices. This application will allow you to monitor individual parameters of the inverter on one screen.

Virtual Devices

Here is guide how to setup it:

This is what the result might look like:

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Does this means Michal that we shall be not counting on extending number of triggers and shall be rather using VD/triggers instead, right?

Btw what is you experience on getting there data reflected from the cloud, it’s 5 min interval?

Eager to test it but still need to wait ~2 months…

There is a lot of triggers available, feel free use any of them :wink:

I use basically only one, battery level, and based on it system decide how to heat boilers.

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Ou, sorry, I was relying on Athom App Store … looks great, can’t wait to test it :slight_smile:

I am not sure, why these triggers are not visible on store, but they work :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed that the device arrives as soon as possible :wink:

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