[APP][PRO] Connect Solar Solax Inverter to Homey

There are two options how to connect to Solax inverter now!

Cloud version, it should work with “all” Solax inverters:

It takes data from Solax cloud (https://www.solaxcloud.com/) and present them in Homey. Minimum update inverval is 5 minutes (it is Solax cloud limitation).

Here you will get Token id:

Here you will get Registration Number:

Modbus version, it should work with “some” Solax inverters:

It takes data from Solax inverter directly and present them in Homey. Minimum update interval is 5 seconds. It does not require the purchase of any inverter accessories. You should just ensure, that your invertor will keep same local IP address (usually on router/modem) and link it.

Important: Use internal Ethernet port for connection. Modbus may not be available when you use “stick” (LAN/Wi-Fi)!

App link


For support please use this link.

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But there is test version you can share maybe? I shall get Solax in few months, so signing up fro this :slight_smile:

I suggest use Virtual Devices. This application will allow you to monitor individual parameters of the inverter on one screen.

Virtual Devices

Here is guide how to setup it:

This is what the result might look like:

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Does this means Michal that we shall be not counting on extending number of triggers and shall be rather using VD/triggers instead, right?

Btw what is you experience on getting there data reflected from the cloud, it’s 5 min interval?

Eager to test it but still need to wait ~2 months…

There is a lot of triggers available, feel free use any of them :wink:

I use basically only one, battery level, and based on it system decide how to heat boilers.

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Ou, sorry, I was relying on Athom App Store … looks great, can’t wait to test it :slight_smile:

I am not sure, why these triggers are not visible on store, but they work :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed that the device arrives as soon as possible :wink:

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Hello. Nice app. Mostly all works fine. Just two issues makes me nervous little bit :slight_smile:
First of all, please check units. Daily and total yield, also consumed and feed in energy is in kW. Correct is off course kWh. Another issue is how app works with energy card. Maybe is something wrong on my side, but in energy card solax always show zero W. What with that? Thank you.

You will need to ensure one of your capabilities is the standard measure_power so that appears on the energy tab. The problem is deciding which one if you have all those properties in one device. I would guess it needs to be the AC Load Power and set the device as cumulative.

I currently have an open case with Athom about the way the solar class is handled as I don’t think it’s currently possible to make all the values add up correctly.

Hi @Adrian_Rockall & @Dushanco, thank you for your feedback.

I published new version (not approved yet). If you like, you can try test version meantime:

I think that something still should be changed, because Homey now sum energy from:

  • Energy Meter (under Smart Meters)
  • Inverter Solax (under Solar Panels)

The real consumption value should be ONLY from “Energy Meter”.

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I see the other effect is the solar entry is now showing the consumption. This is the problem of a combined device as you can only define one standard measure_power and the solar class uses that as the solar generation value. This is one of the issues I have raised with Athom.
So at the moment, the Homey setup requires each of Solar panels, Batteries, and Grid to be separated. The outer ring of the energy chart is supposed to show the Solar production, but if it’s a separate device it also gets added to the total consumption.
Basically, as far as I can see, the system is currently flawed, so I am waiting for clarification / a fix from Athom before I publish my Sofar solar app.

Hello Michal. First of all really thanks for modbus version. I tried and it works. I didn’t believe to my eyes, because last month I spent many hours by idea how to get data from solax modbus. But only what I proof was that port 502 is opened on wifi dongle, but without any further success.
So once again thank you. It will help me with my automation which I plan to do and 5 minutes old data was really not usable.

BTW. It seems to be some mistake in numbers what I getting from solax. IMHO solar power mínus feed in power should be exactly load power. Am I right? But it looks like feed in power is counted exactly twice. Look to my screenshot. Maybe I am completely wrong, but in that case, please explain me.

Hi @Dushanco , I am glad you like it :slight_smile:

Main reason for creating ModBus version was to be more independent on cloud services. But it also make monitoring more accurate. Take a look on graph, where you can see that cloud version has delay and it is not that accurate.

I was looking on your screenshots and I don´t understand how it happen. Please send me email to mistradev@gmail.com (I would like to keep this forum clean) and I will try to fix it (it is not happening on my device).

OK. Thanks

hi, i have an solax X3-MIC/PRO inverter (with wifi module), before I used the zonnepanelen (solarpanel) app from Diederik. this works with the solaxcloud. now I see the modbus option and this is much better I think than the cloud version, only when I put in my ip adres it places an inverter on my dash and says its temporarily unavailable, so I don’t have/see values

doesnt support my inverter the modbus? its 2 years old now

Hi @Robin_De_Lange, could you send me report?
More->Apps->Solax Inverter->Icon top right->Send diagnostic report

Modbus version is a bit more complicated. First, it may not work on all inverters (depends on firmware version, connection type, etc.). Try to check availability with the installation company. Also, when modbus is available, registry are NOT same for all models, so it may required some adjustments. I can´t do it remotely by myself, because I have no idea what values are there. Please do not answer me here, becuase I would like to keep this topic for information mainly and use email/report for support.

Michal, re ModBus version, do I understand correctly, that first Modbus must be activated, and is accessible either directly (not possible anymore?) or via reverse proxy, as described SolaX inverter Wifi Reverse Proxy setup - Configuration - Home Assistant Community or with flashed Solax Wifi module, as described on eg. Firmwares modificados para Solax Pocket WIFI V2 - ChriSoft or GitHub - clausmuus/ioBroker.solax: solax adapter for ioBroker ? Or API is already accessible by default… based on what I have read, seems it’s not as Solax closed API / Modbus via TCP for different subnets except of

I’m supposed to get Solax X3-G4 delivered within 3-4 weeks, will refer my experience…

Hi @Sharkys , I have Solax Hybrid X3 G3 and I have it connected via UTP cable to switch. I do not have any reverse proxy or any Pocket “something”. I also didn´t setup anything on inverter, I just find in on local network (, where it has address (you can find it on your router DHCP table or with some network scan, but it should be on same subnet). I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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For support please use this link.

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This is what I get when I want to login to create a ticket