[APP][Pro&Cloud] frient Zigbee App (v2.4.4)


With Homey - we noticed that sometimes it becomes extremely hard to add new devices. This issue doesn’t limit to our products only. When an issue like that occurs - a Zigbee network reset usually helps.

However, in your case - perhaps the range between the device and your Homey wasn’t sufficient enough?

Also, what do you understand by that the device is constantly in error?

Well distance should be an issue as the pairing was performed about two meters away from the Homey.
Should be noted that I had:

  • two heat sensors, paired perfectly without an issue
  • two water sensors, of which one paired perfectly, but this one sensor was really stubborn.


I understand, could you send us the serial number of the stubborn device?

You can use our e-mail address: homey@frient.com

Impossible de connecter 2 SPLZB-132, (FR). Quand il n’y en qu’un cela fonctionne, mais dès que je rajoute le 2ème, le 1er ne fonctionne plus.

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Good morning,
Cannot connect 2 SPLZB-132, (FR). When there is only one it works, but as soon as I add the 2nd, the 1st no longer works.


One of the solutions would be to try to reset your Zigbee network on your Homey.

You can do that within the settings tab on your mobile app (if you have Homey Pro), or through the Developer Tools (with Homey Bridge) on your PC.


I’ve already done it. But same Pb.

Please add battery indicator support (under more → battery ) and in the flows ( for the SMZB-120 ).
I know there’s a battery-warning indicator, but i like to see how full/empty they are.

And feature request: let a module beep x times. I can understand that it is not easy, but maybe you like a challenge

Good morning,

Can someone post a screenshot of all the functions of the FRIENT keypad?

One of the app comments says “Intelligent Keypad: Poor functionality, ISO14443A rfid tags don’t work, this is no ‘frient’ you want”

Is the RFID function now available?

Thanks in advance

For the developer of the FRIENT app:

On Frient entry sensor pro, the tamper alarm cannot be used.
When will this problem be fixed?

Thanks in advance

I’d like to change the Status of the Keypad from a flow, so in the “Then” part to “Armed” or “Disarmed”. Can this be implemented please?

@frient Is this something to keep waiting for to be implemented in the near future?


Our Intelligent Keypad does indeed support RFID tags.

You can see more details here:


In the device’s settings in the Homey app - there is a “Add RFID tag” option.

Please let me know if you need help with adding it.


The integration with Homey for the Intelligent Keypad has been designed in a way that the device itself servers the role of the “master” of the system, therefore, currently you cannot change the device’s mode from the flow level.

However, we have received many similar requests, and therefore - we are working on a solution that will allow doing it the way you described.

This should be available in one of our future frient app updates.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We are constantly working on improving our integrations.

I understand that by battery indicator you mean the percentage visualization, correct?

Unfortunately, it is a bit challenging to have a reliable percentage value with a simple CR-123 battery, since that would need to be based on the battery voltage, and this does not work linearly.

However, something similar could be possibly implemented with one of our future updates.

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I’m not sure what seems to be the problem from your perspective.

The Entry Sensor Pro’s tamper alarm works just as intended, as you can see below:

  1. Main device’s view:

  2. Flow control:

Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to the updates. BR, Marc

Hello, in view of the previous comments I have not yet purchased the keyboard.

How many RFID Tags can I add?

Can you show a photo of the “Add RFID tag” option.


You can add multiple RFID tags.

In the photo below you can see the options.

Once you click on “Add RFID tag” - you simply apply your tag to the Keypad’s front panel, and when you hear a beep - the tag is saved.